• 26, JUNE 2020

Why You Always Need a Virtual Event Staffing Plan

With the speed and force that the pandemic has upended the world, those of us in experiential marketing have had to reinvent how we deliver brand experiences. In the pivot from live to digital, we have found ourselves translating something visceral into a new environment – and sometimes that translation is not a literal one.

The logistics that go into producing a live event, while second nature for the majority of event marketing teams, comprise a long list. Elements related to live consumer engagement, permitting, asset production and fulfillment, represent just a few. But in a digital landscape, these elements don’t always apply. Or they do, just in a different (and sometimes more complex) way.

Take assets, for example. There’s consideration needed on how to navigate the barriers that the digital world presents, as opposed to how a consumer would have been handed collateral in the physical world. What was once distributed in person now might be sent directly to the home or delivered virtually.

LinkedIn feeds across the globe are filled with musings from brand and agency marketers alike. And as we debate the best ways to keep attendees engaged in a virtual environment or how to amplify events, we need to identify those elements that do translate from a live environment to a virtual one. And one of the most important universal pieces of any event or brand experience is the people delivering them.

At the end of the day, people buy from people. Using the right team to deliver your digital event will ensure that you drive a deeper engagement when it comes to execution time.


Why a Virtual Event Staffing Plan Matters

Often when we think of brand ambassadors or event staff, we imagine them face-to-face with consumers. And that makes sense. Brand ambassadors stand at the front lines of the experiential landscape, building relationships with consumers on behalf of brands, delivering unforgettable, personal moments. Your event staffing team is also important in shaping the flow and function of a live event, serving in registration, directional, hosting, managerial positions, and other necessary roles.

These human-to-human connections are extremely powerful when it comes to shaping consumer sentiment and behavior. They are invaluable in creating an impactful, lasting engagement at an event or brand activation. And, what is most empowering to those of us who are now pivoting to digital, is that they enrich brand-consumer relationships through positive human connections in the digital world too.

When it comes to virtual events, the truth is that event staff roles do not disappear. In fact, they are just as vital because of the need for virtual events to overcompensate when it comes to keeping attendees engaged and satisfied with the experience. A virtual event staffing plan is also vital in ensuring attendee accessibility and making sure the show “goes on” from a participant and technology standpoint. When executing a virtual event, brands and marketers need to develop a comprehensive staffing structure that spans from the “front of the house” all the way to the back.


Virtual brand ambassador and customer service


Clearly Defined Roles and Responsibilities

Recently Elevate conducted a large-scale, global virtual event to great success. The event was unique in that it was not a run-of-the-mill webinar – the event centered around an introduction to quality of mind and featured a world-leading mindfulness expert and executive coach, Martin Palenthorpe. Martin’s session required attendees’ full attention – multitasking was not allowed.

To accomplish deep engagement in a digital environment, Elevate used a top-to-bottom virtual event staffing plan that established an immersive environment so attendees could get the most of out of the session. All in all, we had 15 event staff supporting the event covering roles from chatbox management, to Q&A fielding, to poll execution. Without the support of each person, the event would have gone much differently. It was because we had the right person in each role that we were able to keep attendees engaged, ensure accessibility to everyone, and successfully capture and amplify the experience pre-, during, and post-event.


Event Staffing is Key, No Matter Where Your Event Lives

A detailed virtual event staffing plan will help any brand or agency create virtual events that leave attendees satisfied and inspired by the experience. A staffing plan allows event producers to execute their event with confidence and precision, so they can focus on their own responsibilities. Just like in a face-to-face environment, the right people in the right roles make all the difference. There is great value in having an event staffing plan during a live event, and there is no doubt you should have one in the digital world as well.


Elevate has brand ambassadors who understand all the key ingredients that go into a successful virtual event. If you are executing a digital, hybrid, or any other type of brand activation, we have the right people to help ensure your success. Contact us!

Author: Nick Riggall


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