• 10, SEPTEMBER 2020

Why Virtual Event Swag is a Must for Your Digital Events (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways

  • Event giveaways are just as powerful in a digital event as they are in a live one – perhaps even more so. And when it comes to virtual event swag, digital giveaways are not the only option.
  • Let’s be real. We are all stressed out and exhausted by the pandemic. For brands, this poses a challenge. But there are ways to stay in front of consumers who have become Zoom averse.
  • Gaming is booming – but it’s also a competitively crowded space to operate in. One of the best ways for brands to make a splash is to embrace offline, as well as online, brand engagement opportunities.


The Real Deal about Virtual Event Swag

Virtual event swag for digital events

Brand experiences have historically been the best unkept secret for brands across the world. There are many reasons brands see such immense ROI from live events: facetime with consumers leads to memorable moments, trial drives acquisition, and more.  But one key factor that can’t be overlooked is the fact that consumers simply love brand events. When executed well, consumers leave the experience with a positive outlook on a brand and, more often than not, a bit of event swag.

But thanks to the pandemic, most brand experiences have either been canceled or adjusted to a digital format. And with the move to digital events, some began to question the logistics, and even the value, of distributing event swag. Sparks agency argues that distributing virtual event swag is debatably more important than giveaways in a live environment. Specifically, because it brings a tangible piece of the brand to the forefront of a digital experience.


What Does It Take to Connect With Consumers Still Stressed by Covid-19

Event staffing team for drive in premiere

When you think of 2020, terms like “business as usual,” “traditionally,” and even “normal” seem absurd. As people continue to stay home for the most part and are inundated by safety measures, we are living in a time and place that still feels foreign. And we have had to adapt. We are picking up new (or even old) hobbies as entertainment and embracing digital communication tools in order to stay sane (and employed).

But now that we are several months into the pandemic, Zoom fatigue and doomscrolling are real. So, what does it take for brands to work past these challenges and continue to connect with consumers? According to Adweek, one way is to tailor content based on nuances in consumer data. The article also recommends prioritizing memorable and helpful over entertaining.


Why the Gaming Experience Now Requires Both On and Offline Engagement

Gaming and esports have been on the rise for several years. And then came the pandemic. In what has become a tale of winners and losers, our new normal has certainly benefited these industries in particular as they skyrocket in popularity. In fact, in 2020 revenue for this sector is expected to reach $150 billion. But despite these jaw-dropping projections, brands within the industry won’t easily find success. In fact, due to the fact that the industry is booming, these brands find themselves with a glut of competition.

So how do gaming brands move ahead of the pack and develop brand loyalty? According to this Jack Morton blog post, the key is simple: creating ‘killer experiences’ and engaging content that keeps customers’ attention. One of the most successful brands in this space is Fortnite, which has gotten attention due to its recent high-profile brand experiences.


Have you distributed virtual event swag at one of your digital events? What were your experiences? Let us know

Author: Nick Riggall


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