Why Live Events Will Come Roaring Back (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways

  • In the wake of the pandemic, many experiential leaders are pondering the future of live events. However, rather than giving way to all things online, marrying experiences and digital could be the smarter play.
  • We all have more time on our hands lately, so many people are looking to build better habits. To get them to stick, we can lean on proven approaches.
  • Despite the onslaught of news filling our feeds, there are reasons to feel hopeful. All around the world, brands and communities are pulling together to do good for those affected by the pandemic.


Why Live Events Will be More Powerful Than Ever in a Post-Coronavirus World

Despite not knowing when social distancing measures will abate, brands and agencies are looking forward to a post-pandemic world. Many are assessing what the future holds for experiential, feeling little doubt that it will likely change forever.

Some are predicting that brands will favor digital platforms, but others believe that live events will emerge stronger than ever. Biz Bash points out that this time of isolation and social distancing will make people crave in-person experiences even more. And as the author of the article points out, the new age of events will necessitate integrating live and digital components.


5 Ways to Set Good Habits that Actually Stick

Most of us are staying indoors to do our part to #slowthespread. And the chances are high that this will be our new normal for the next several weeks – maybe months. Since we all need to find new things to do, let’s consider the fact that behaviors become habits after 66 days. It seems like now could be an ideal time to make the most of things and create new, positive habits.

Creating new habits, especially good ones, is usually easier said than done. But it can be easy. For example, when we start with a small goal that can be accomplished with minimal effort, we can increase our likelihood of success. For example, taking a drink of water right after waking up can help people get into the habit increasing their water intake. Check out other helpful tips from this Entrepreneur article.


Brands from Heinz to Netflix are Donating to Covid-19 Relief

These days, headlines can feel bleak. But if you look in the right places, there is an incredible number of positive things happening around the world. People are coming together for the greater good. One clear example is staying home – people are giving up social freedoms so the healthcare system can gain a better handle on the sweeping pandemic.

And brands are doing their part too. Companies across the world have found ways to help. Kraft-Heinz donated $12 million in cash and goods in support of communities impacted by COVID-19. But not all good deeds come in the form of cash. Ford recently created new ads announcing that Ford customers would receive breathing room on their payments.


How Major Brands are Responding to COVID-19

Brands are supporting the community in the wake of coronavirus

In addition to companies paying it forward, many businesses across the world are rethinking their marketing strategies. It’s not business as usual for most brands – in fact, moving forward with planned marketing messaging feels irrelevant and off the mark. But this in no way means that it’s time to shut communications down.

These days brands need to come to their audiences with a message of support. Companies like Patagonia have closed retail stores – even their online store – and paying employees their regular wages. Others like McDonald’s and Coca Cola are promoting social distancing. Check out FGPG’s recent blog post to see how other big brands are responding.


4 Secrets to Become an (Even Higher) Achiever

One silver lining that comes with being home-bound is more time for self-improvement. And improvements don’t need to be big changes. Starting small is actually a smart strategy when it comes to adopting something new – especially when it can add up to a better you. Little changes like cutting down on screen time (like before bed) or getting out to get some fresh air and exercise can work wonders.

These things may seem simple, but the outcomes can have lasting benefits. For example, getting a little bit of exercise everyday not only improves physical health, but can aid in mental acuity. Check out the rest of the article for 2 more tips on how to improve your way of life.


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Author: Nick Riggall


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