This is What Leading Brands Know About Mobile Tours

“The point of the Amazon Treasure Truck is to provide delight in our otherwise busy days.” This is what a journalist Kaitlyn Tiffany came to understand in her quest to discover the purpose of Amazon’s carnival-themed vehicle. It’s not a ridiculous pursuit. In fact, the need to know what that truck is about has been the subject of countless texts to friends, Twitter posts, and even conversations with ourselves when passing the truck on the street. Lucky for Amazon, the answer is what any brand hopes to achieve when executing mobile tours like this one.

“It couldn’t be brand recognition; it couldn’t be reaching people where they live.”

Mobile marketing tours are perfect for brands that want to create brand awareness or build recognition. But, in the quote above, Tiffany makes a great point: Amazon doesn’t need to do either. It’s the world’s second biggest retailer, after all. Perhaps what Amazon set out to do – beyond driving sales – is what she actually got from her exposure to the truck. The thrill of the surprise and the personal interactions with Amazon brand ambassadors, who she deemed “very charming”. The latter – the human element – is something the company naturally falls lacks on a normal day as an online retailer. But, personal interaction is one of those things that, when done right, leads consumers to become brand loyal. Doing brand loyalty right, per a 2019 report, means to forge relationships and build emotional connections. 

It’s why we’re seeing other online retailers, like Wayfair, hit the road to get personal with consumers. This April, Wayfair dispatched purple stretch limos in key cities to make people aware of its biggest sale of the year. In Nashville, for example, consumers got free coffee and a chance to win a gift card when taking a selfie with the limo and posting it to social media. But, mobile tours aren’t only for online retailers. 

A Digiday article says the intent of the increased activity of Amazon’s Treasure Truck business is to grow “new daily habits.” Mobile tour activations not only deliver the experience people crave, but they offer convenience. This means brands of all kinds can benefit. And, it seems more are taking advantage of the opportunity. 

Photo credit: Amazon

4 Easier, Smarter Ways Brands Have Found to Do Mobile Tours

Mobile tours, especially when geographically dispersed, pose several challenges for event marketers. Fortunately, increased mobile tour activations have led to the advent of efficient, smart ways for brands to hit the road. Here are the lessons they’ve learned.

They’re not getting overwhelmed by the data when making decisions for mobile tours.

Sixty percent of marketers lack confidence in their first-party data and fear competitors may take the lead. When making decisions about where to go and who to see on mobile tours, it’s important to resist being overwhelmed by the data. Simple facts may shine through and provide smart guidance on where to go. Such is the case with Driscoll’s #BerryTogether campaign. When the leading seller of berries sought to pick a destination for its mobile tour, it looked to a clear piece of information: the U.S. Twin Cities market consumes the most raspberries. That’s why it wastes no time and will make several stops there this summer, showing love to people who love its products to gain their loyalty.

They’re prioritizing emotional connections over grandeur. 

Driscoll’s has a clear brand strategy: “to evolve a functional item from the produce aisle into something that inspires a strong emotional connection with happiness.” That’s why it seeks to inspire feelings of nostalgia with this experiential tour. From its “picnic basket on wheels,” the brand hopes to recreate summer memories for visitors. This is by offering fun games and refreshing treats. 

Avocado dip brand, Wholly Guacamole, took a similar approach. From its traveling pop-up, it sought to connect with its target audience (30-40 year-old female millennials) with old board games like Jenga and everything avocado. From healthy dishes to avocado facials to screen-printed tees, this mobile tour delivered loads of fun and simple things attendees love.


They’re enlisting the help of solution providers. 

When Monster prepared to launch its biggest sampling campaign with a mobile tour, there were many details to consider. The first was its location – key cities in U.K. and Ireland. From there, the checklist of deliverables included: planning the most efficient and effective route; hiring brand ambassadors; inventory management; and campaign reporting, among others. Yet, Monster has found, like other brands executing mobile tours, they are most efficient in their use of resources when they engage the right providers. 

Different campaigns will have different requirements, such as TSA security logistics or complying with DOT guidelines. And, each location may have its own cultural needs brand ambassadors must fulfill to make emotional connections. The good news is the right event staffing partner may be able to check all these boxes. With one point of contact, you can streamline your efforts, save resources and focus on delivering the “delight” your consumers want.

They’re partnering with complementary brands to increase exposure.

It’s become commonplace to see brands partner with one another for an experiential event to draw a crowd. But, it’s rare to see them launch mobile tours together. And, this is unfortunate since the right teaming is exciting to watch and can benefit both parties. Such was the case for Dunkin and Peeps. This Spring, Marketing Dive reports, the brands traveled side by side from the latter’s hometown to the former’s birthplace. On the way, they made six stops at Dunkin locations, giving away marshmallow-flavored iced coffee and Peeps doughnuts. The article says the “novelty factor” of this activation “will likely help the brands to deepen relationships with consumers and drum up some excitement on social media.” On their own, it may not have had quite the impact, showing a smart, simple partnership can make all the difference.

The Elevate team can be that one partner you need for smarter, easier mobile tours. Contact us to discuss how we can delight your consumers.

Author: Nick Riggall


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