This is How to Choose an Event Staffing Company

Too often choosing staffing agencies is not at the top of the agenda when selecting campaign delivery partners. Experiential staffing is relegated to either a last minute decision to find suppliers who can meet the brief at the lowest cost, or a recourse to an existing supplier who hasn’t been stretched in years, but, is this the best approach, especially for products requiring engagement and education?

No matter how strong, how innovative or how engaging your creative is, if the last link of the chain isn’t up to standard, then the impact of the entire campaign is put at risk.

Now is the time to reconsider how to address staffing in your procurement process.

Staffing Partner Checklist

  1. Value – Cost is a core-criteria for staffing – an experienced staffing agency will provide value in broader ways that drive campaign effectiveness.
  2. Planning – Experiential marketing is multi-faceted, and you want to make sure your staffing partner takes the time to plan around your requirements. By understanding what you are trying to achieve, better solutions can be reached.
  3. Investment in training – Before hitting the ground, teams should be informed about your product and brand. Each staff member ought to embody the principles of empathy and positive human engagement, to drive impact.
  4. Embrace measurement and accountability – Efficiency can’t happen without accountability. This can be established with your staffing partner by setting qualitative and quantitative KPI’s, to ensure that they are aligned with the goals you’ve set for the campaign.
  5. Dynamic improvement – During every stage of a campaign, from inception to final delivery, a review of the performance can ensure that every day, the staff is delivering the best executions for maximum results.

By identifying and committing to these principles, you can find a staffing company that will automatically be a forethought, and maximize the impact of your campaign.

Author: Nick Riggall


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