• 07, OCTOBER 2020

These Mobile Tour Ideas are Perfect for Brands Who Want to Back to Experiential (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways

  • Brands and marketers across the globe are eagerly seeking to revive brand activation, and many of them are finding success in COVID-compliant mobile tours.
  • In addition to exploring mobile tour ideas, brands are experimenting with other forms of brand activation, both on a small and large scale.
  • Simply “pivoting to digital” is not so – simple. As digital events become increasingly mainstream, production quality becomes that much more critical.


Seven Mobile Tour Ideas to Consider in the Age of Social Distancing

Jager Ice Cold Convoy One of the simplest precautions that we all can take in the age of COVID is social distancing. Keeping a distance of 6 feet (or 1 meter depending on what country you live in) can make gatherings safer, and it’s even better when done outdoors. For event marketers, this is one of the considerations they need to plan for in a time where events are sparse. For some brands, mobile tours have been the best way to bring brand experiences to consumers.

Through mobile tours, brands can execute their experiential marketing plans with better control over health and safety requirements. From Jagermeister’s Ice Cold Convoy to Casper’s Dream tour, mobile tours are helping brands to continue to connect with customers. Check out more here.


After the Summer of No Love: Where Now for Experiences?

Event staffing team for drive in premiere - mobile tour ideasThere is little doubt as to COVID’s impact on the event industry. At the beginning of the year, most gatherings were instantly eliminated, with organizers unsure if – and how – they could move forward. But as society adapted to living through a pandemic, the event industry has also shown resilience. And now that we have more information about how the virus spreads, event producers are working through health and safety precautions that are allowing us to once again engage with people in person.

This past summer, several brands were able to explore mobile tour ideas and small-scale experiences – some even executed larger events, like the first-ever socially distanced concert. Check out Campaign’s recent article on how event marketers can build on these successes and craft the future of brand experiences. 


6 Stage Design Tips for Livestreamed Events

Producing live streamed events

As a larger segment of the workforce has begun working from home for the first time, makeshift home offices, faulty internet, and background distractions have become standard. But, interestingly, as virtual meetings and events have become the new norm, production quality expectations have increased.

For top event producers, visual production will make or break the event, which is why the pros have ways to ensure an event runs beautifully. For example, while building extensive backdrops that work on camera is critical, so is enforcing standards like social distancing. Instead of a wide shot of a group of people 6 feet apart, strategic camera angles for depth and scale can help. Plexiglass dividers can double as a safety feature as well as a practical prop that keeps you from compromising valuable set space. Read more here for more tips and camera tricks for a beautifully designed live-streamed event.


Ocean Spray Finally Reacts to Viral Skateboarding TikTok

Going viral on the internet is still an elusive phenomenon. While people are eager to offer tips and suggestions, there is no exact formula to guarantee that you will “go viral” – and if you try, you’re probably already doing it wrong.

In what is one of the most turbulent years in history, the latest viral sensation was simple – it involved a skateboarder, Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams,” and a bottle of Ocean Spray cranberry juice. TikToker Nathan Apodaca uploaded a video of himself cruising on his skateboard, lip-synching to the classic tune while taking a giant gulp of cranberry juice straight from the bottle. Many people can only describe it as pure freedom.

Its virality has benefited all parties involved. Fleetwood Mac’s song has skyrocketed back onto music charts and Ocean Spray landed the most unlikely but organically endearing brand ambassador. Apodaca even received a brand-new truck from the Ocean Spray CEO, as well as donations from around the world. Not only is this a reminder that the most powerful brand moments lie directly with the consumer, but also the power of the TikTok platform. Read more on how Ocean Spray could capitalize on this moment in The Drum.


Are you looking for mobile tour ideas or other ways to execute brand experiences in the age of COVID? Let us know! We’d love to see if we can help.

Author: Nick Riggall


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