• 18, SEPTEMBER 2020

The Importance of the Consumer Experience During COVID Testing

Over the last 7 months, the word “unprecedented” has led the pack when it comes to words that have permeated our collective discourse. Bested only perhaps by “the new normal” and “Zoom fatigue,” “unprecedented,” despite its overuse, continues to ring true.

First, it was used to describe the pandemic itself, then the impact it had on our lives and economy. Now, as society begins a new phase of living with the virus in our midst, demand for COVID-19 testing has reached new highs as schools and stores reopen, sports teams take to the field, and we continue to strive to keep people safe.

That’s a heavy burden for governments and private entities alike, as the testing process involves much more than just a swab. Tasks related to everything from directing traffic to calming anxious test-takers are fundamental. Testing sites need support with administrative work and tracking. Someone needs to be there to ensure supplies are on hand and stored in an appropriate way.

In short, the consumer experience during COVID testing is critical. One of the best solutions to fill the gaps between medical test administrators and the additional roles needed at a testing facility is through an event staffing agency. At a time when many events are on hold, there are thousands of brand ambassadors who are accustomed to temporary work and are experts in providing a memorable consumer experience. They can ensure testing supplies arrive in a continuous stream, paperwork is tackled in a timely way, and patients are calmed. In truth, they are the perfect people to align with during COVID testing.


Support When It’s Needed Most

Better outcomes in covid testing with a positive consumer experience.

It’s estimated that the U.S. will need 193 million coronavirus tests each month just to keep schools open and safeguard nursing homes. But current testing capacity is only 21 million tests per month.

A successful scenario is increased testing paired with a calm public that is compliant with testing protocols. Testing sites should be orderly and tranquil. People shouldn’t face alarmingly long lines or stressed-out staffers.

At Elevate, we have pools of event staff who have been trained in CDC and WHO protocols. They’re experts in creating a professional environment, adding value to the consumer experience during COVID testing in several areas:

Public Relations

Testing is traumatic for many people, some who may be worried about the experience itself or the impact of a positive result. Staff at each testing site should have a bedside manner that boosts consumer confidence. Building trust is important, especially because compliance and follow-through are so crucial. If patients need to self-isolate until test results come back, they’ll be more willing to comply if trust is established on-site.

Site Support

As mentioned, a COVID testing site is a full-scale operation. Partnering with a well-trained event staffing agency to handle everything from registration and re-stocking to labeling and patient tracking is an ideal solution. And even in cases where testing is done in a workplace environment, having a trained health and safety manager, or COVID Compliance Officer, is critical in ensuring people remain safe.

Physical Setup

The CDC has clear guidelines about how testing sites should operate. Stations need to be spaced six feet apart, ventilation needs to meet CDC protocols, and testing supplies have to be separate from the test collection area. Event staff can facilitate a fast, efficient set-up that meets CDC requirements.

Customer service during covid testing

Documentation and Paperwork

Heaps of paperwork fall on the shoulders of the organization administering COVID tests. It ranges from client interviews and consent forms to communicate with health departments and the CDC. Event staff can fill these roles and relieve administrators from dealing with all the red tape.


Supplies including tests, PPE, disinfectant, thermometers, and much more need to be replenished as the day goes on. But too often, the supply chain is interrupted, long lines form until tests run out, and the site has to close. Event staffing teams can shore up the supply chain and make sure everything is stocked. Fast processing is paramount in ensuring safe testing.

Other logistics that event staff can handle include:

  • Directing drive-through traffic
  • Enforcing social distancing requirements
  • Assisting in training protocols
  • Sanitizing equipment and helping with waste disposal
  • Helping with contingency plans if a person has obvious symptoms


Better Testing Facilities Means Better Outcomes

Better outcomes with proper covid testing

Hiring an event staffing agency means investing in faster, higher-quality consumer experiences during COVID testing. Research shows that frequent, fast testing reduces the spread of coronavirus and helps workers return to the workplace, boosting the economy. Fast tests repeated every three days allow people who test positive to self-isolate, preventing 88% of viral transmissions.

In addition, research shows that people are eager to visit testing sites and other public places when they feel safety is a priority. A testing site that moves people through quickly, tests them efficiently, and treats them with care and respect will inspire consumer confidence.

Elevate has a database brimming with customer service experts, logistics staff, and even personnel with specialized health and safety training. Investing in them means better outcomes for individuals and society as a whole.


If you need experienced professionals to help you run a gold-standard consumer experience during COVID-19 testing, or if you need help implementing COVID compliance and testing within your organization, contact us!

Author: Nick Riggall


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