Why We Need to Build More Sustainable Experiential Marketing Activations (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways

  • Experiential marketing, often by its very nature, produces a significant amount of waste. As the world moves toward sustainability, experiential has a responsibility to adapt the ways that experiences are concepted and produced.
  • Exclusivity can be a powerful tool in letting brand loyalists know that you care, but exclusive doesn’t always have to carry a hefty price tag.
  • Nostalgia continues to be a marketing favorite due to its uncanny ability to drive action. But, like any other strategy, there is a right and wrong way to use it.


Plastic Fantastic: Why Experiential Needs to be More Sustainable

Plastic Fantastic: Why Experiential Needs to be More Sustainable

One of the most definitive elements of experiential marketing is its temporary nature. Brand activations such as pop-ups, festivals, VIP parties, and other single-activation experiences, involve the use of disposable assets. And, unsurprisingly, this cycle of constant production and disposal is having a negative impact on the environment.

As the mandate to be more sustainable rises to the forefront, brands are seeking ways to decrease their carbon footprint. The experiential world is built on creativity, so creating multi-purpose, re-usable, or re-purposed concepts should be top of mind. Another avenue to reduce waste – go digital. Here is why experiential and events agency PrettyGreen is challenging other agencies to build better and create consciously.

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Driving Brand Engagement at the Intersection of Community and Exclusivity

Driving Brand Engagement at the Intersection of Community and Exclusivity

People love to feel special, which is why exclusivity is, and always will be, alluring. Brands often leverage this desire by creating FOMO-inducing experiences and limited-edition products. But the truth is, exclusivity doesn’t have to mean expensive or inaccessible. Research shows that brands drive the most engagement when they reward their most valuable customers and fans with invite-only experiences, memberships, or even micro-social networks. And all these exclusive elements allow brands to create deeper connections.

PSFK recently took a deep dive into the relationship between nurturing a brand community with exclusivity. Brands are looking beyond transactions to build long term brand love. The article explores Reebok’s new Unlocked loyalty program. The apparel company has done an excellent job at creating and maintaining an engaged fitness community around the brand. Members can accumulate points by liking social content and attending in person events, then apply those points to products or experiential perks. Read more to see how popular brand SoulCycle sends its members on branded vacations.


KFC Gaming Launches Esports Performance Burger Campaign

KFC Gaming Launches Esports Performance Burger Campaign

Can you guess what esports and veganism have in common? Surprisingly, quite a bit. Both have experienced exponential growth in the last few years and both are getting a lot of attention from KFC. Recently, KFC and Kairos Esports teamed up and launched the KFC Royale online tournament to promote the fast food giant’s new Esports Performance Burger. Esports players, including popular gamer influencers, competed for a cash prize and the coveted KFC Black Card.

Josh Benge, Brand Engagement Manager at KFC, is challenging gamers to take their skills to the next level with plant-based power. Here’s how Drew Townley, CEO of Kairos Esports, plans to establish KFC Gaming as a leading brand activation in the esports and gaming industry.


Are Experiences the Future of Retail? Area15 in Las Vegas Will Put the Trend to the Test

Are Experiences the Future of Retail? Area15 in Las Vegas Will Put the Trend to the Test

Adweek reports that, although the retail industry is struggling, millennials and Gen Z still prefer to shop in stores. But there is a catch. These groups are all-in on brick and mortar only if stores offer “unique and engaging experiences.” And what is more engaging than the Las Vegas Strip? The tourist destination has almost every experience that one could seek. And now Area15, a new retail and live entertainment complex, will be another hot spot on the must-see list.

The 200,000-square-foot venue will be the center of new interactive art and technology complex composed of retailers, art installations, and your standard axe-throwing lounge. A partnership with Intel allows artists, brands and experiential agencies to test out new experiential design and tech concepts. Click here to see all the exciting new things coming to Area15 and what you can expect on your next trip to Sin City.


This Lord of The Rings-Themed Pop-Up Bar Will Have You Taking Shots in Mordor

This Lord of The Rings-Themed Pop-Up Bar Will Have You Taking Shots in Mordor

Although the world of fantasy has more recently been consumed by Game of Thrones and Star Wars mania, Lord of the Rings fans haven’t gone anywhere! These enthusiasts still comprise one of the most engaged communities around.

Replay Lincoln Park, a bar in Chicago known for hosting themed pop-ups, is taking Lord of the Rings enthusiasts on another journey through Middle Earth with “their most ambitious pop-up yet.” The pop-up bar will only run for a limited time, filled with themed drink menus, more than a dozen photo ops and – most importantly – no cover! Each night fans get to interact with cosplayers and gain wisdom from Gandalf over a cold brew. Check it out here.


Tupac, Pokemon Go, Big Brother and Nokias: Nostalgic Experiential Marketing is Here to Stay

Tupac, Pokemon Go, Big Brother and Nokias: Nostalgic Experiential Marketing is Here to Stay

Research tells us that when people feel nostalgic about something, they are more likely to spend their money. Marketers know the power of nostalgia and seem always eager to re-boot and re-make anything that can tap into an emotion and move people to purchase. Over the past decade, the resurrection of pop culture icons of the past has moved audiences and spurred people to action.

The Tupac hologram brought some concertgoers to disbelief, and later served as a catalyst to give his music a 571% jump on the Billboard 200. Elsewhere, the Pokemon Go phenomenon got millions of people scurrying far and wide to catch ‘em all, demonstrating that nostalgia not only has the power to move people emotionally, but physically as well. However, when a nostalgic stunt fails to elicit that authentic reaction and offer value, it falls flat. Read more to see how brands seek to remind consumers of the good old days.


6 Ways to Stop Overthinking

6 Ways to Stop Overthinking

When making a commitment or starting a new venture, taking time to think things through is crucial. However, as an article in Fast Company points out, “there’s a line between thorough planning and overthinking.” When we overthink, we can hold ourselves back from taking action.

But how can we determine whether were being rightfully cautious or overthinking? If you find yourself dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, you may have crossed the line and roamed into the world of the unproductive. Doing either of these can cause stress, which immobilizes us from moving forward. Another key sign – if you’re not sleeping, you’re overthinking. Read on to learn 6 ways to help you stop overthinking.


B-to-B Networking: Five Fresh Ways to Cultivate Connections

B-to-B Networking: Five Fresh Ways to Cultivate Connections

As crucial as networking is to career and business development, most find the activity to be painfully awkward. At events, networking opportunities are set aside at designated intervals and often feel forced and uncomfortable to most people. But Event Marketer says B-to-B networking can actually be enjoyable when it includes an experiential component.

For the Dad 2.0 Summit, Google created a carnival-themed activation for dad bloggers and influencers to have fun and get to know each other in a natural way. When attendees find themselves in environments that don’t feel like networking is the centerpiece, then natural exchanges occur. Learn more about how keeping things casual – and sometimes digital – cultivates authentic connections.

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Author: Nick Riggall


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