• 17, JULY 2020

Studies Show Consumers Want Brands to Bring Things Back to “Normal” (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways

  • The pandemic has upended almost every aspect of our lives. But studies show that consumers want brands to get back to business as usual.
  • By now, we all know that the pandemic’s effects are extending far beyond what many of us originally believed. Now, as we plan for the future, health and safety in experiential are at the forefront in 2020 – and beyond.
  • Activating during a pandemic is tricky, but Flaviar and Whistlepig Whiskey have found a socially distant way to lift consumers’ “spirits.”


Research Shows that Users Desire a Sense of Normalcy from Brands

Research Shows that Users Desire a Sense of Normalcy from Brands

Humans have an incredible ability to adapt. Over the past several months, life has been upended. Entire cities have shut down, people have lost their jobs, and most of us are staying inside. For brands, these months have not been business as usual either. Many have performed great feats in pivoting their production, marketing strategies, and more, to account for changing times. But a recent study has shown that consumers don’t want reminders of our collective challenges; they want brands to help them feel normal again.

It’s important to note that, per the article, “a huge 93% of respondents agreed that the tone needs to change, which means that as brands we need to find a way to operate in this new atmosphere.” Some items that came up are supporting front-line staff, supporting vulnerable people, providing accurate information, and showing acts of kindness.


Inside a Virtual Whiskey Crowd Blending Event Designed to ‘Lift Spirits’

Inside a Virtual Whiskey Crowd Blending Event Designed to ‘Lift Spirits’

While events are on hold, brands that had designed activations throughout 2020 are either rethinking or recreating what they had planned. For those that moved to digital events, many have struggled with maintaining engagement or driving attendee participation. Yet, some have not only stepped up to the virtual challenge they have proven that clever thinking can overcome any obstacle.

One recent virtual activation was delivered in partnership between online spirits community Flaviar and Whistlepig Whiskey. The brands created a ‘blend your own whiskey kit’ that community members received at home. The collaboration featured a YouTube live stream that invited fans to blend and taste alongside experts, wherein they would then vote for their favorite via a live poll. The event allowed the brand to enjoy direct engagement with its fans while utilizing a digitally native platform. Check out the full details of the event here.


How to Plan Experiential Marketing in 2020 and Beyond

How to Plan Experiential Marketing in 2020 and Beyond

As July continues to march forward, most of us are nearing 3 months at home. Like a lot of people, we too have become restless. While our team has stayed connected and collaborative with the help of video platforms and digital tools, the need to return to life “as normal” is strong. The isolation has also given us a renewed appreciation for face to face interactions, and we know we are not alone. So even as stay-at-home mandates ebb and wane, event marketers are planning for the future, complete with a laundry list of new must-haves that maintain public health.

With guidance laid out by governments and experts, reducing transmission will be at the forefront. And while mask-wearing, social distancing, and the use of health and safety staff will be key, there are other tactics that brands can use to help. For example, as Department Zero points out, an emphasis on visual (versus tactile) event components keeps things touch-free and event attendees feeling safer.


What a Return to a New Normal Might Look Like Post Covid-19

What a Return to a New Normal Might Look Like Post Covid-19

For some cities, the pandemic rages on; for others, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Regardless of the current moment, we all know that health and safety precautions will be required moving forward for any event. It’s interesting to see how the ‘new normal’ that many (including us) have speculated about will be coming to fruition. And while we have explored what live events might look like in the immediate future, FGPG is musing about what the wider industry might encounter when it’s time for the event world to go back to work.

This post explores how companies will return to the office and the different scenarios that may be at play. For those returning to a physical office, this might mean physical distancing and limited shared spaces. And some people may never return, preferring to telecommute even when it’s safe to get back in the office. Check out the full post here.

Author: Nick Riggall


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