Shop Safe, Work Safe

Shop-Safe and Work-Safe Managers

The health of your staff and customers is essential, especially now. We have thousands of specialist-trained Work-Safe and Shop-Safe Managers across the globe who will elevate your business, retail, or event operations to ensure everyone is in safe hands.

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Find out how our Work-Safe and Shop-Safe Managers can elevate your health and safety standards.

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Health and safety protocols shouldn't only be practical - they should be personal.

+ Health & safety specialists with CDC- and WHO-standard training

+ Multiple roles include greeters/hosts, traffic/line management, sanitation station, crowd control, guides, elevator management, and more!

+ Positive people management to support protocols and reinforce social distancing

Shop-Safe Kits for Retail & Event Teams

To support our Work-Safe and Shop-Safe teams, we can provide PPE kits that include shopping cart/kit sanitisation, gloves/goggles/glasses, floor vinyl/divider screens, masks, hand sanitiser, shoe covers, and signage.

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Request a proposal.
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