Sensory Branding Is Redefining the Brand Experience (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways

  • Experiential marketing is successful in humanizing brands, and sensory branding also allows a company to connect with consumers on a deeper level.
  • #nationaldonutday anyone? If you want to take advantage of one of the more unusual holidays for a marketing campaign, make sure you think outside of the box.
  • Pop-up shops aren’t only for brands. Musicians are using the tactic to crate intimate experiences for fans.


The Rise of Sensory Branding is Music to our Ears (and Noses and Tongues)

The Rise of Sensory Branding is Music to our Ears (and Noses and Tongues)

As brands continue to increase their digital presence, they have also continued to invest in the ying to digital’s yang: experiential marketing. Live events allow consumers to interact directly with a brand, which allows companies to capitalize on consumers’ need for human interaction. But these face-to-face experiences may not be enough. Consumers want authentic connections in a variety of brand touchpoints. And one way to further humanize a brand is by appealing to more than two or three senses.

As this Opus post illustrates, brands like Mastercard and Hyatt Place Hotel are tapping into sensory branding. This focus deepens the human element for brands that seek a deeper connection with consumers.

Should brands invest more in appealing to other senses besides sight?

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Expert Tips for Planning an Event on an Unusual Holiday

Expert Tips for Planning an Event on an Unusual Holiday

Every time we scroll through social or check our calendars, it seems like there is a lot to celebrate. In February alone, there is Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Fat Tuesday, National Kite Flying Day, National Pizza Day and Margarita Day. Regardless of how “official” some of these are, they are fun and they drive buzz both on- and offline.

Since there is a day for just about everything, brands are using these holidays to offer consumers discounts and freebies. When marketing through an unusual holiday, the key is to be creative. And just as crucial is choosing a holiday that naturally aligns with the brand. So, if you’re an ice cream shop, thinking outside the box on National Ice Cream day will help set you apart from all the other shops hopping on the same boat. Read more to see how brands are getting this strategy right and learn tips about how you can take full advantage of these photo-friendly holidays.


Inside the Williamsburg Penthouse Made for Instagram Influencers

Inside the Williamsburg Penthouse Made for Instagram Influencers

According to the founder of Village Marketing, “influencers, by and large, are producing 10 times more content a day than most brands are in one week.” This statistic is stunning, and as a result, “content studios” have popped up in the trendiest metropolitan neighborhoods. Production crews and influencers rent out these chic spots for access to the spaces’ trendy furniture and prop closets. Some film TV commercials, while others use the space to film fitness and recipe videos, makeup tutorials, or even just snap a few photos of their #OOTD.

While renting out empty warehouses has traditionally been the standard, these pre-furnished spaces look like homes, which carries an authentic feel that everyone is looking for. Since everything from floor to ceiling can be easily swapped and customized, these luxury spaces are economical and effective. Read more about how YouTube influencers have flocked to Los Angeles to set up “content camp” in over-the-top “collab mansions.”


Awkwafina Takes Over as MTA Subway Announcer with Comedy Central Partnership

Inside the Williamsburg Penthouse Made for Instagram Influencers
Comedy Central has had a good working relationship with the MTA through its many out-of-home campaigns. However, the network wanted to do something different to promote their new series “Nora from Queens,” starring Golden Globe winner Awkwafina. Rather than use wraps to plaster the subways, Comedy Central had the comedian and actress take over the 7-train speaker announcements during a busy New York morning.

During the commute, guests were treated to jokes, fun facts, and warnings against manspreading. While Awkwafina was the MTA’s first guest celebrity train announcer, we expect to see this tactic return due to the tremendous surprise and delight it garnered (the tremendous social media buzz wasn’t too bad either).


Why Experiential Interviews are Paving the Way for Event Keynotes

Why Experiential Interviews are Paving the Way for Event Keynotes

Many people agree that some of history’s most iconic interviews have taken place a la Barbara Walters on 20/20. There is something about two chairs in the center of a room that leads to bombshells dropping. Yet now, casual interview styles seem to be the norm, most noticeably in the late-night talk show space. These shows can include anything from easy conversations with celebrities and guests to stunts like dancing, weird games, and even stunts like drinking fish guts. Once can only conclude that even interviews have gone experiential.

The show Hot Ones has gained a huge following, with almost all of their interviews having at least one viral moment. The premise is simple – the host interviews celebrities while they eat hot wings, with each wing being spicier than the last. And while the concept is simple, the key is that it turns a standard interview into a unique experience. It also proves that it isn’t necessary to put on a circus to get viewers. Just adding one unconventional, yet thoughtful, element creates memorable moments. Learn why this philosophy translates when giving an event keynote.


Eight Ways Musicians are Leveraging Pop-Ups to Connect with Fans

Eight Ways Musicians are Leveraging Pop-Ups to Connect with Fans

With the help of social media and digital platforms like YouTube, Soundcloud, and others, musicians are able to reach a wider audience. These tools have also allowed artists to connect with their audience authentically and directly. But sometimes success can stand in the way of authenticity. For example, when you have more than a million followers, the prospect of connecting with each one seems to be an impossible feat.

To give fans a personal touch, an increasing number of artists are turning to pop-ups. From Grammy-winner Taylor Swift to the late Mac Miller, pop-up experiences give a personal touch all while showcasing the music itself. For example, Billie Eilish’s 12-room pop-up allows people to get a glimpse into the same synesthesia that she experiences.


14 Things to Stop Doing If You Want to Be More Successful

14 Things to Stop Doing If You Want to Be More Successful

Go online and you will find a sea of self-help books and productivity hacking blogs. While some are focused on inner well-being, many others tell people what they must to do more of to be successful. These include waking up earlier, exercising more, reading as much as possible and other techniques that build positive habits. However, Thrive Global went the opposite direction. They asked their contributor community to share what they quit doing or did much less of. In a culture that tells you to do more and hustle, cutting excess may actually be more efficient.

In fact, it’s small shifts of “undoing” that are shown to make an impact. For example, one contributor gave up her sense of “artificial urgency.” The idea that everything is urgent induces stress and, in the end, compromises both personal and professional output. Here you will find more tips, including cutting out information overload and quitting your phone in the evening.

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