You Don’t Need All the Right Answers, Just the Right Questions (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways:

  • Data is a wonderful thing when it comes to consumer targeting, but it can prevent marketers from listening to what consumers actually want.
  • More women are choosing to stay single longer, which is a boon to athletic and retail brands, as they spend more on those items than married women.
  • As retail evolves from transactional to experiential, more brands are investing in ambiance over inventory.


The Right Questions are More Important than the Right Answers

the right questions

For decades, marketers have sought to gather all the consumer insights they can. And with the integration of modern technology, big data has given them access to more information than ever thought possible. But have marketing strategies focused too much on offering solutions based on the data? Instead, maybe they should focus on asking the right questions.

At the end of the day, marketers are communicators. But many are breaking the first rule of communication by not listening. When we ask better questions, we become more interested in the answers, rather than simply reacting to the data in front of us. So, what are the right questions to ask? Read on.


More Women are Staying Single Longer, and That’s Great News for Nike and Lululemon

More Women are Staying Single Longer, and That's Great News for Nike and Lululemon

Studies show that more women are choosing to hold off on marriage until later in life. And, surprisingly, it turns out that this statistic has a significant impact on the economy. Single women spend more on things like clothing, shoes, personal care, and luxury items than women who are married.

It is retail and athletic brands like Nike and Lululemon that have been reaping the benefits, according to Morgan Stanley. “More singles means more people exercising more frequently, buying more athletic goods, and replacing them more often.” The exponential growth of single women combined with the fact they have higher earnings makes this demo a force to be reckoned with.


Experience Per Square Foot: Inside Retail’s Shift from Stock to Space

More Women are Staying Single Longer, and That's Great News for Nike and Lululemon

The retail landscape is evolving, and often brands are choosing to focus more on décor and less on product inventory. Brands seem to be swapping clothing racks and display tables for stylish chairs and neon signs. The goal? Less purchasing pressure and more opportunities for shoppers to just hang out.

The right question is, can every brand forgo what they actually sell to achieve the right space-product balance? Maybe not. For some, it may not be wise to sacrifice stock for succulents. Read more.


Doritos Removes the Name from its Logo to Appeal to Gen Z in ‘Another Level’ Campaign
Doritos Removes the Name from its Logo to Appeal to Gen Z in ‘Another Level’ Campaign

Gen Z is a unique generation with distinct characteristics and strong perspectives. One of the most well-known being that they don’t like to be sold to. They are even described as “advertisement resistant.” So, in response, Doritos decided to a take a new approach by “de-branding” with their newest “Another Level” campaign.

The company put their iconic tagline aside and removed their logo from all advertising, including social media. Instead, the brand is banking on the fact that consumers will know the brand colors and triangle icons. The bold move aims to further build brand equity, similar to the Nike swoosh campaign. Learn more about the anti-ad here.


MTV VMAs Will Feature Over 6 Minutes of Branded Content from Toyota and Pepsi

MTV VMAs Will Feature Over 6 Minutes of Branded Content from Toyota and Pepsi

The MTV VMA’s – also known as the “rowdiest night in music” – has historically done things differently from other award shows. For the iconic channel, the VMAs have claimed their place as a cultural event, where anything goes and where artists and brands alike take creative risks.

Instead of traditional commercials, this year the show incorporated more than 6 minutes of integrated branded content from Pepsi and Toyota. The aim was not to flood viewers with concentrated advertising, but to actually make the experience feel more natural. Even so, some viewers were quick to point out how unnatural a parked Toyota Corolla felt when placed smack dab in the middle of a Jonas Brothers performance. And yet, it was indeed noticed. Check out more of the content from the event here.


The Problem with ‘Hack’ Culture

Hack Culture

After just a quick scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feed, surely you will find a few “life hacks” or quick tips to make every mundane task faster, easier, or more fun. And why would you take 30 seconds to fold a shirt if you could do it in three? Everything from tech gadgets, DIY contraptions, fad diets, and homeopathic remedies are available to make life easier or get results faster.

The problem with all these hacks is that many are bogus and are simply marketing tactics. Consumers are often left feeling exploited after falling for baseless promises. Yet, there is a deeper reason why so many people buy into “hacks.” This article examines hack culture and challenges its readers to re-examine their tendency to adopt the next shortcut.


Ask BizBash: Should I Stop Using Balloons as Event Decor?

Ask BizBash: Should I Stop Using Balloons as Event Decor?

As the world continues to inch closer to sustainability, it is the smaller steps that we take as a society that keeps the momentum. For example, to #savetheturtles, California and many other states and countries have banned plastic straws. Next up on environmentalists’ blacklist: balloons. We all know that balloons and the event industry go hand in hand. But due to widespread concerns about the limited supply of helium and balloons’ impact on landfills, maybe it’s time to put a pin it.

Yet, some balloon suppliers aren’t going down without a fight. When properly sourced, handled, and disposed of, an argument can be made for responsible balloon usage. But, some propose that, for an industry as creative as event production is, alternative decorative elements should be abundant.


We Geeked Out Over these Comic Con Fan Activations

Comic Con

Comic Con International. The San Diego-based conference has evolved from a tiny comic book convention to the annual mecca of all thing pop culture. From immersive exhibitions, branded activations, and star-studded panels, each year is bigger than the last.

This year was no different, as the top networks brought the brand activation heat. Fox’s adult playground featured a giant outdoor carnival activation where attendees interacted with their favorite Fox characters from The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, and Family Guy. Fans were able to play with augmented reality and snag limited-edition items that they could show off to their followers. Check out what HBO, Amazon Prime and Nickelodeon had to offer their fans.


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Author: Nick Riggall


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