Why Podcasters are the New Influencers, and What Your Brand Should Do About It (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways:

  • While social media influencers continue to lose their sway with consumers, brands can look to podcasters as the next frontier.
  • Speaking of influencer marketing, can you tell the difference between #ad and authentic brand love? The truth is, many people can’t.
  • Experiential has changed retail for the better – at least, that’s what consumers seem to believe. And they aren’t interested in returning to retail’s old ways.


Podcasters are the New Influencers. Here’s How to Leverage Them in Your Strategies

Podcasters are the New Influencers. Here's How to Leverage Them in Your Strategies
You may believe that podcasters and social media influencers are opposites. Social media influencers are seen and not heard, while podcasters are heard with few of even their most avid listeners able to pick them out of a line up. But, as this article in AdWeek points out, the top players in these two saturated industries have a lot in common.

Ever wonder why so many people attempt to kick-start their influencer career or create their own podcast? In both cases, there is a low barrier to entry. The article points out that, to become either, at a basic level, all a person needs is an iPhone. This gives everyone, from neuroscientists to sex therapists and everyone in between, the ability to develop a fanbase. But there is a key distinction between these groups, especially as it relates to brands. While the influencer market shows signs of bursting, the podcast world is still ripe for brand engagement.


Instagram Advertising: Do You Know It, When You See It?

Instagram Advertising: Do You Know It, When You See It?

Are you able to tell the difference between a candid shot of someone on your Instagram feed and a “plandid” photo that is selling you a product? While you may believe that you can spot a plug a mile away, chances are that you’ve been duped. Micro-influencer Gretchen Altman says, “I’m just living a normal life and people relate to that, they just feel like I’m a friend of theirs.” As endearing as that is, hocking a product without informing your followers (and in some cases your real-life friends) that you’re being paid to do can feel deceptive.

On the other hand, when someone generally loves a product and wants to share their recommendation with their social network, often people assume it’s inauthentic. As PR professor of Michigan State university, Saleem Alhabash puts it, “when the lines between what is real life and what is marketing get blurred, it changes people’s behaviors.” So, who can we trust? NPR explores influencer marketing, and the unintended consequences when “we’re all trying to sell something.”


Over Half of Consumers Think Disruption in Retail is a Positive Thing

Over Half of Consumers Think Disruption in Retail is a Positive Thing
The world of retail is in flux. Predictions of the death of brick and mortar are still circulating, despite the fact that many brands have proven that it is only an outdated approach to consumer engagement that has seen its final days. For those that are embracing the modern experiential approach, there are many examples of success to look to. These range from skincare brand, Drunk Elephant’s pop-ups to Amazon’s self-check-out-only stores.

But while these brands are executing unique experiences, many are seeking to disrupt traditional retail altogether. More stores are creating experiences that continually engage consumers from start to finish. And the results are dramatic. In a recent study provided by IPM Bitesize, 31% of respondents think that disruption has changed their life, making it difficult for them to go back to traditional retail experiences. Check out the full results from the study here.


Corona Beer Introduces Interlocking Cans to Replace Six-Pack Rings

Corona Beer Introduces Interlocking Cans to Replace Six-Pack Rings

We’ve all seen images of sea animals getting caught in plastic six-pack rings. In fact, just 10 years after they were introduced in 1960, there was already a campaign to get them banned. While other companies have introduced solutions that involve alternative materials, those solutions often still generate waste. In response, Mexican beer brand Corona decided to do away with rings altogether and announced a new interlocking can design.

And the new move has paid off beyond its environmental impact. Corona, along with advertising partner Leo Burnett, took home the bronze lion at Cannes this year for its eco-friendly design. Not only did Corona eliminate plastic rings, but also the plastic bag and other materials needed to package and carry them. And to top it all off, Corona elected to make the blueprint for the interlocking design open source in an effort to help other companies reduce their own environmental impact. Check out the revolutionary design here.


Cocktails, Music and Smooth Legs: Inside Skintimate’s Pop-up Shave Bar

Cocktails, Music and Smooth Legs: Inside Skintimate’s Pop-up Shave Bar
While women often make grooming an activity that can be shared with friends, shaving is one activity that doesn’t come with a girl’s day out. Getting your hair or nails done – even applications of permanent makeup – can all involve linking up with a gal pal and enjoying each other’s company. But shaving? That is reserved for the privacy of one’s own bathroom…until now.

Inspired by the release of their new scented razor handle and shave gels, Skintimate launched a pop-up shave bar where women can shave…and be social. Using the hashtag #GetReadyWithUs, see how Skintimate lured consumers with professional shaves, cocktails, and live music.


How Breaking Dress Codes Pays Off

We’ve all heard the term “dress for success,” but what this phrase means for one office space may not mean the same for all. Turns out “dressing up” is falling out of style, as popular office culture seems to skew increasingly casual. In fact, only 55% of workplaces still implement a formal dress code.

Yet, even in a place that lacks a formal blueprint, “breaking the rules” or not conforming to the collective office style norm can get you noticed – in a good way. Those who don’t blend in display “risk-taking signals that show they have enough social capital to maintain their status.” In other words, there is some truth to the red sneaker effect. But do you have to go full-Zuckerberg and rock a hoodie and slides to work? Read on to learn more.


Kaizen, the Japanese Practice of Continuous Improvement, Can Help You Reach All Your Goals. Here’s How

Kaizen, the Japanese Practice of Continuous Improvement, Can Help You Reach All Your Goals. Here's How
The pursuit of happiness may be enshrined in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, but the desire to reach one’s most aspirational goals is a common human desire. If only there was a definitive way to make all your wildest dreams come true. Well, according to this article in Inc, the key to success lies in improving by just 1 percent per day. Kaizen, the Japanese approach of continuous improvement, is said to be most effective in achieving large, ambitious goals in the long term.

Think of applying this philosophy in the context of less talking and more doing. In many cases, people have the grandest aspirations, but no actionable way to reach them (or even get stated). Read more if you’re looking to go big.


If You’re Not Attending Cultural Tentpole Events, You’re Missing a Major Source of Buzz

If You’re Not Attending Cultural Tentpole Events, You’re Missing a Major Source of Buzz
These days, music festivals are more than just a place for music. Festivals like Coachella in California or Bonnaroo in Tennessee have become larger cultural destinations that people look forward to experiencing every year. In addition to the biggest names in music, these festivals include art, food, and even comedy, transforming them into powerhouse that can dominate trends across the world. It is for this reason that these phenomena have become known as “tentpole events.”

For brands, attending these festivals can be incredibly beneficial. But as this Entrepreneur article warns, much needs to be done to ensure the event is a good fit for the brand. The article even goes on to suggest other ways for brands to take advantage of the inherent consumer reach of these events.

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