• 29, JULY 2020

In the “New” Event World, Touchless Technology is on the Rise (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways

  • As marketers look to restart live activations, touchless technology is proving to be a viable way to keep consumers engaged while managing risk.
  • Virtual events have become the norm, even in the music world. Which has people asking: are virtual concerts the way of the future? The answer is, probably not
  • Event Marketer recently published a list showing how brands can make activations safer, starting with queues.



Will Hygiene Concerns Usher in a New Era of Touchless Technology?

Will Hygiene Concerns Usher in a New Era of Touchless Technology?

For most people, hygiene matters, whether at a restaurant, conference, or brand activation. Yet, in the age of Covid-19, considerations around health and safety have become something much greater. In addition to general measures like masks and social distancing, those in charge of managing spaces, including event marketers, need to consider all consumer touchpoints during the planning process. Whereas once a touchscreen or tablet was commonplace, now there is an additional level of apprehension in touching or engaging with equipment used by the public.

It should surprise no one to learn that touchless technology is on the rise. Until we have a vaccine that can be administered to the masses, we are increasingly turning to technology to give us other fun ways to engage consumers without touch.


5 Health Safety Tips for Events

5 Health Safety Tips for Events

At this point, many people and brands are reaching a similar conclusion: we are going to have to learn to live with COVID-19. And with that, many event marketers are stepping up to the challenge and adapting to a new world. This means potentially reconceiving activations, as well as having a detailed knowledge of health and safety precautions that keep everyone involved secure, including attendees.

Just as they came together at the start of the pandemic, event marketers can work together to identify the key priorities when it comes to health and safety. For example, a recent Event Marketer article shared 5 health safety tips for events, which includes social distancing policies and regular communication. Read the article to learn more.


Are Virtual Concerts Here to Stay?

Are Virtual Concerts Here to Stay?

Now that we are 4 months into the pandemic, most of us continue to yearn for all the things we miss. There’s the little stuff – movie theaters or the gym – and the big ones – SXSW and Coachella. But while the pandemic swept through the live event circuit with the vengeance, it didn’t stop some concert organizers from getting creative. Their response? Digital concerts. From Travis Scott’s groundbreaking concert on Fortnite to the Global Goal: Unite For our Future, digital concerts seem to be delivering as an alternative to live.

But what is the future of digital concerts? This is the question posed by a recent Tech Crunch article. The article points out that while many mid-level artists can benefit greatly from digital music events, it might not make financial sense as a long-term strategy for artists who normally perform in arenas.


6 Ways to Prepare for Queueing at Post-Lockdown Live Events

6 Ways to Prepare for Queueing at Post-Lockdown Live Events

The post-COVID world is in the details. Whereas once we took the vast majority of our interpersonal encounters for granted, now we know that even the simplest of actions can carry risk. So now, we are analyzing every detail, ensuring we are not only compliant with restrictions, but also give the public a sense of safety. In the event world, something as simple as a line or queue needs to be closely scrutinized and planned for safety.

Here, Event Manager Blog proposed the six best ways to make planning your event queues a little easier. The article includes simple considerations like remaining outdoors and limiting the number of people who can line up, as well as technology that offers efficiencies through facial recognition. The article effectively demonstrates that there are many ways to ensure we can bring events back safely.

Author: Nick Riggall


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