Expert Tips for Executing a Memorable Brand Event (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways:

  • When it comes to planning a brand event, sometimes a cheat sheet comes in handy. EMC Outdoor has compiled tips that will make any event marketer breathe a bit easier.
  • Choosing an app for your conference or event has become a critical component of a successful activation. However, finding one with the right features is paramount.
  • Immersive food concepts like “Saved by the Max” are bringing 90s nostalgia back in the most visceral way possible, taking experiential to a new level.


Expert Tips for Planning a Branded Event

Expert Tips for Planning a Branded Event

Planning an experiential event is a lot like orchestrating a symphony. What makes a branded event successful is seamless communication and a strong relationship between leadership and supporting team. A clear process needs to be established. And brands need to assemble a high-performing team, all while fostering an environment that works for everyone.

Once these pieces are in place, teams can focus on details, like logistics, legal permitting, partnerships; in short, a whole lot of problem solving. Media strategists EMC Outdoor list their expert tips to create and execute a personal and engaged event.


What Experience Designers Need to Know Before Choosing an Event App

What Experience Designers Need to Know Before Choosing an Event App

The mandate to create a B2B event that is both impactful and multidimensional spans across industries. This makes finding an event app that helps conference attendees get the most out of their experience a must. Mobile apps not only help guests navigate through an event space; they boost engagement to a higher level. For many conferences, providing users with a helpful app can’t be an afterthought – it is a key element of an experiential engagement strategy.

Whichever event app features you choose, it should always have the purpose of enhancing the experience for attendees. Think about the baseline features that you need. Schedules? Wayfinding? Push notifications? This article covers it all.


When Fandom Meets Foodies: This Team Builds Restaurants Inspired by Your Favorite ’90s Entertainment

When Fandom Meets Foodies: This Team Builds Restaurants Inspired by Your Favorite '90s Entertainment

The power of nostalgia continues to live on with a new string of successful 90s-sitcom themed pop-up eateries, like Saved by the Max and Good Burger. What makes these pop-ups so special is their commitment to providing an unparalleled experience. And experience doesn’t mean tribute bars or pun-filled menus; these are immersive set replicas that bring each beloved show to life. Unlike some other concepts, these experiences are more than just a 10-minute stop-in to get your photo and get out.

These ongoing pop-up restaurants are prime marketing tools that produce buzz long after the big press hit. For Saved by the Max, the production team watched hours of Saved by The Bell, studying the popular teen sitcom so they could emulate it as closely as possible. Check out all the detail that goes into producing these Instagram gold mines here.


Families Take Multisensory Tours of Cinnamon Toast Crunch’s ‘Cinnaverse’

Families Take Multisensory Tours of Cinnamon Toast Crunch’s ‘Cinnaverse’

Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal is a childhood favorite for many people. In fact, according to Taylor Roseberry, brand lead on the program for Cinnamon Toast Crunch, “Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the No. 2 cereal in the U.S.” To continue to keep an already passionate fan-base engaged, the company designed a family-friendly brand experience titled the “Cinnaverse.” The strategy was to spread awareness of the brand’s new look and help fans become better acquainted with their Cinnamoji characters.

The five-room interactive pop-up was a hit with families throughout its entire summer tour. Fans got to enter a portal into the Cinnacrunch zone, ride the Cinnastick surfboard and dive into the Cinnamilk world. Check out all the sugary goodness here.


When Teamwork Is Good for Employees — and When It Isn’t

When Teamwork Is Good for Employees — and When It Isn’t

Many believe it is teamwork and cross functional collaboration that leads to higher-impact innovation and better success in business. These days, most companies work in teams, and offices are designed with an open format to foster collaboration.

Yet an article in the Harvard business Review unveils the darker side of binding teamwork and its effect on employee wellbeing. When employees are immersed in excessive amounts of team-centric work, issues like internal conflicts, codependency, circular workflows and perceived lack of acknowledgement can hinder the ultimate product.


Personal Branding for People Who Hate Personal Branding

Personal Branding for People Who Hate Personal Branding

Terms like introvert and extrovert are popular ways to classify personality types and, while not always consistent, can be useful in explaining behavior. But internet culture may have added further nuances to these personality types. Although social media seems made for the extroverted, introverts may actually make better use of these platforms in connecting with others.

This article in Fast company describes personal branding as “an opportunity to examine the stereotypes and to undo the old narratives.” The author offers up different types of personal branding that anyone can adopt – even if you are a self-diagnosed introvert.


Cheetos is Hosting a Fashion Show During NYFW at the ‘House of Flamin’ Haute’ (Exclusive)

Cheetos is Hosting a Fashion Show During NYFW at the 'House of Flamin' Haute' (Exclusive)

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is synonymous with high fashion. When you picture the event, companies that likely come to mind are usually iconic, global fashion brands like Chanel, Dior, or Givenchy. But this year, the hottest runway show was by none other than the iconic snack brand, Cheetos. This isn’t the first time Cheetos has dipped its toe into the fashion world, and the The House of Flamin’ Haute exceeded expectations. The event went all-out in creating a line of high fashion looks that were as playful as they were couture.

The activation includes celebrity performances, a style bar and other fun social media-worthy elements. Check out the buzz worthy show to see how food and fashion crossed paths.


Mercedes-Benz Goes Experiential to Demonstrate Its In-Car Voice Assistant

Mercedes-Benz Goes Experiential to Demonstrate Its In-Car Voice Assistant

Although Mercedes Benz has been a sponsor for the US. Open for nearly a decade, this year they are debuting their largest tech-powered activation to date. To promote their new in-car voice assistant, the “Serve like Sloane” AR Experience gives players a personal tennis lesson.

With a simple “Hey Mercedes, teach me to play like Sloane” command, riders get a full performance evaluation, custom tips and even some inspired motivation. Read more to learn what the future holds for Mercedes as they plan for more sports and tech fan experiences.

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