This is How Brands Should Be Marketing to Generation Z (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways:

  • They might both be youthful, but Gen Z is different from their elders, Millennials. Marketers need to understand nuances between the two if they want to resonate with either group.
  • As the retail landscape changes, the wisdom for brands is to take an experiential approach. But establishing what that means, and if it’s worth the expense, leaves some companies wary of making the investment.
  • Industry experiences don’t need to be all business. Brands that take a consumer-focused mindset and design fun activations for all attendees are impactful and enjoyable.


How Brands Should Be Marketing to Generation Z

Generation Z may still be growing up, but in looking at the data, it is clear that they are a force to be reckoned with. Numbering in excess of 74 million in America alone, they are on pace to surpass Millennials as the most populous generation, making up roughly 32 percent of the population. And behind their large numbers and increasing age comes significant purchasing power. Learning what drives their buying patterns now and staying in front of them is critical. And while Gen Z shares the same fondness for (and responsiveness to) experiences, the two generations could not be more different.

Gen Z prides itself on authenticity and realism – and it expects brands to do the same. Whether it’s promoting diversity or a call to activism, Generation Z knows when brands are being disingenuous. According to Biz Bash, marketers should be mindful of these five considerations when designing campaigns that seek to reach this group.


What Does Experiential Retail Even Mean These Days?

For the last few years, retail stores have been advised (in some cases, mandated) to adopt an experiential approach. Whether it is to find continued success or broaden their consumer base, the data have shown that brand experiences are the future. Yet, despite the success of experiential-driven stores, many companies haven’t made the transition. And the underlying reason may be an inability to definitively know if the investment is worthwhile.

In a recent article, Retail Dive looks at what it means to create an experiential retail space, and why it’s worth the potential increase in budget. The article highlights the importance of designing a local experience to ensure an authentic reflection of the culture and community. Check out the full article here.


Engaging Lifelong Fans: Inside Mattel’s Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Tour

hot wheels carWhether you are 6 or 60, watching monster trucks crush and destroy a lineup of cars probably feels pretty exciting – maybe even exhilarating. And if you use life-sized replicas of the toy trucks and cars you used as a child, even better. Mattel’s Hot Wheel brand tapped into these childlike sensibilities and used this idea as inspiration for their most recent brand activation.

To create a multi-generational experience, Mattel launched a ticketed Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live tour. The tour included a pre-event activation, wherein families could walk around the stadium, see the monster trucks up close, and capture photos/autographs of drivers. The event was successful in appealing to and engaging a diverse audience, from parents to kids.


A Candy Spa Called the Sweet Retreat Refresh Lounge Will Open in New York City for Valentine’s Day

candyIn 2019, consumers were expected to spend approximately $19.6 billion in the US, and £1 billion in the UK, on Valentine’s Day, Not only are people looking to buy gifts for their loved ones, many are looking for unique experiences as well. Global candy brand and Valentine’s Day veteran, Mars, knew exactly what New Yorkers wanted for the holiday and delivered a brand experience to remember.

For two days only, New Yorkers could treat themselves to a candy-themed spa treatment. Participants could reserve one of four different experiences, each themed to a specific lineup of Mars candies. Treatments ranged from Twix Left/Right Under-Eye masks to the Snickers Smokey Eye. Check out the full experience details here.


Three Insights from Intel on Creating Industry Event Experiences that Stick

intelMost brands design brand experiences with consumers in mind, and rightly so. Yet, often when planning trade shows or events in the industry space, companies can get technical. They often lose track of the fact that their target audience is still comprised of people – people who are eager for an engaging a brand experience from a personal and professional place.

No matter what a brand is promoting, or to whom, a brand event should excite, inspire, and stay with attendees. While there is no one-size fits all approach, companies can take inspiration from brands that have developed successful engagement strategies from both a business and consumer mindset. Intel’s recent activation, the Intel Tech Lodge at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, was a great example of effective engagement that appealed across the board. Check out Event Marketer’s coverage of the event to see how they achieved success.


Three Strategies for Igniting a CBD-Infused Experience

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of two main chemical compounds found in marijuana. But unlike its counterpart, THC, CBD doesn’t give the user the “high” that is often associated with pot. In fact, there have been extensive studies that have shown CBD to be an effective way to treat several medical conditions, including seizures, anxiety, pain, and inflammation, to name a few.

These studies, plus the growing popularity of marijuana, have created buzz around the use of CBD, from food and beverage to beauty. But, as it is with all trends, companies need to ensure that incorporating something like CBD makes sense for their brand’s positioning. Check out Event Marketer’s recent article that documents three well-executed CBD-incorporated events.


Escape the Doom and Gloom with Immersive Fascination

SXSW brand activations that stood outFrom the U.K.’s Brexit debacle to tumultuous bi-partisan disagreements in the US, many people have begun to see the world as dim place. But brands are coming to the rescue. They are using brand experiences as a way to give consumers the opportunity to escape the frustrations of daily life. And as technology advances, companies have the opportunity to take things even further by designing multi-sensory experiences.

But unlike traditional single-sensory marketing, the use of technology can elevate experiences to new levels. Senses like smell and taste have often been overlooked when it comes to popular sight-based technology like VR and AR. But adding elements that speak to these other senses are making their way to the mainstream. In fact, a Tokyo-based start-up is creating a scent emitter for VR headsets, opening up a whole new world of experiential potential.


Why Defending Your Time Will Make You More Successful

time equals successMost people agree that time is precious, so we strive to manage it as efficiently as possible. But sometimes life happens, and it’s easy to let time get away from you. But, as this Entrepreneur article argues, we shouldn’t be so frivolous. It opens by asking, “If time is money, why do we give it away so easily? It’s important to know that time is actually more valuable than money. It’s nonrenewable — once it’s gone, it’s gone. No amount of cash can bring it back.”

Good point. Respecting and conserving time should be a priority for everyone. The article goes on to provide several strategies about how people can seek the ends to this goal. And while many of the suggestions seem simple, they can be hard to stick to, including saying “no” when we can’t take on any new tasks.


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