US Brand Ambassador of the Month – Justin P.

For over the past three years, Elevate has become the preferred staffing supplier for Oculus with certified brand ambassadors assigned to deliver in-house demonstrations, and when the Oculus Anywhere program was launched in April 2016, Justin was a part of the very first team, and has been doing an amazing job since.

As part of the Oculus Demo Specialist (ODS) team, Justin travels all around the world to troubleshoot technology repairs and provide high level engagement demonstrations. As an actor, Justin is outgoing and personable, which translates perfectly in the field of Experiential Marketing. Being able to improvise in the ever changing event world is what sets a strong brand ambassador apart and Justin certainly can think on his toes. Recently, Justin traveled solo to Colorado for the Aspen Ideas conference, working eleven days straight. His presence created so much buzz that the local newspaper featured him on the front page!

In addition to other brand ambassador work with Elevate, Justin always gives 110% and has proven reliable in the most high profile situations. Not only is Justin great in the field, but he is an integral part of the team because of his reliability and attention to detail. He always reports back any issue that may come up, and is a great communicator.

Thank you Justin for always performing at your best!!

Author: Nick Riggall


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