Instagram Marketers Brace Themselves for a World with No Likes (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways:

  • While Instagram seeks to improve user happiness and health by removing “likes” from posts, brands and influencers are wary about how the change will affect their bottom lines.
  • Employee satisfaction is critical for any company. Instituting inclusive work environments can offer long-term employee happiness.
  • Even NASA is getting in on the experiential marketing game, calling on social media users to share their selfies to create a 15-foot-long mosaic sculpture.


Removing Likes Removes a Post’s Power’: Young Brands are Bracing for Instagram’s Potential Update

Removing Likes Removes a Post’s Power’: Young Brands are Bracing for Instagram’s Potential Update
If no one can see your likes, do they really exist? Instagram marketers are afraid the answer might be no. Instagram recently announced the initial phase in removing the “likes” feature from the platform. For many, especially those who use Instagram as a marketing tool or revenue stream, the news feels catastrophic. While in many cases “likes” are not visible to others, users are still able to see their own numbers. But, to many who believe likes dictate a post’s popularity (and value), this provides little solace.

Instagram’s larger focus is to remove the social pressure and mental health consequences that stem from an Insta-popularity contest. And while there are several positives (increase in content quality, user wellbeing and community building), the change will affect brands. The ones that may feel the repercussions the most are young DTC brands who depend on Instagram for revenue. Many believe it’s the number of likes that give their products and companies credibility.


How NASA Created a Sculpture Made from Thousands of Selfies

Removing Likes Removes a Post’s Power’: Young Brands are Bracing for Instagram’s Potential Update
NASA’s newest exploration program, Artemis, seeks to send humans back to the moon. In the hopes of generating as much hype as the momentous Apollo 11 spaceflight, NASA hosted the “Artemis Generation,” activation at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington during the International Astronautical Congress.

Social media users were encouraged to share their own selfies using #NASAExhibit for use in a 15-foot-long mosaic sculpture depicting the Artemis logo. Simple enough, yet the tech used to create the 3D mosaic is NASA-worthy in terms of its ingenuity. Click here to learn about other the ways NASA plans to inspire and awe a whole new generation.


Balancing the Company’s Needs and Employee Satisfaction

Balancing the Company’s Needs and Employee Satisfaction

According to the Harvard Business Review, for company executives, “doing what is right for their company and doing what will make their employees happiest are not always mutually exclusive.” The article explores this paradox and explains how those in leadership roles can find a balance between working towards the collective purpose and fostering individual happiness.

Instead of introducing new perks that create sporadic positive employee sentiment, senior leaders should consider inclusive work environments to help employees feel engaged and empowered long-term. Reconsider quick fixes and explore ways to get your company healthy and thriving.


From Drag Queens to Pizza Delivery, JetBlue Is Having All the Fun

In collaboration with Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Jet Blue created a parody airline safety video featuring the fiercest in-flight crew members on (and soaring around) the planet. Fan favorites, Bob the Drag Queen and Trixie Mattel, delighted and entertained flyers with their take on plane safety and in-flight procedures.

But this isn’t Jet Blue’s first high-flying experiential marketing campaign. Earlier this year, the airline marketed themselves as “New York’s hometown airline” by flying their iconic pizza across the country to Los Angeles residents. Read more about Jet Blue’s sky-high stunts and their future experiential marketing moves.


Mobility Brand Lime Spotlights LA Culture with Influencer-Led Events, Print Zine

Mobility Brand Lime Spotlights LA Culture with Influencer-Led Events, Print Zine

Lime Scooters is hoping that influencer-led pop-up events will encourage stubborn Angelenos to ditch their cars, hop on a scooter, and explore one of the many vibrant neighborhoods that Los Angeles has to offer. The company not only aims to ease the notorious traffic conditions in the city – they are eager to strengthen ties with the community and spearhead social causes.

The company created an illustrative city guide, which is available online and as a limited-edition print zine. It highlights certain neighborhoods’ rich history and reasons to get out and explore. Check out how the “”See You There” campaign is setting a positive tone despite the flood of complaints and bad press scooter companies have recently been receiving.


Gucci Rolls Out New Pop-Up Concept

Gucci Rolls Out New Pop-Up Concept

Gucci’s first pop-up endeavor, “Gucci Pin,” will give consumers an opportunity to shop the iconic brand in places across the globe that don’t have a permanent physical outpost. Some pop-up shops will stay open longer than others, but all come with plenty of digital content and unique, FOMO-inducing themes.

The idea stems from the company’s desire to meet the relentless growing demand for new and limited-edition Gucci pieces. Each pop-up’s theme correlates with the holidays and local cultures to connect with native shoppers. Gucci reported to have slow sales growth this year, so the brand is banking on these pop-ups for reengagement. Learn more here.


How Hershey’s Navigated its First Year in Esports Events

The 2019 Esports Business Summit brought together all sectors of the esports industry, including esports teams, streaming companies, marketing agencies, and brands. This year, Hershey’s made the move from the sidelines and jumped in the game.

Charlie Chappell, the head of integrated marketing for Hershey’s, offered readers five tips for other non-endemic brands to break into the lucrative esports world. The first tip? Admit you’re a newbie and trust the experts. Click here for more insights.

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