Inspirational Pop-Up Shops That Will Make You Feel Good (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways:

  • When it comes to brand activation, designing something that is both beautiful and purpose-driven is a recipe for success like an inspirational pop-up shop.
  • Brands have more power than they know to make a difference. Beer brand Corona is well aware of the size and scope of their platform and have used brand activation to support environmental conservation..
  • Do you hear what I hear? While sound can play a dominant role in brand recall, many marketers are not taking advantage of auditory elements when it comes to branding.


Four Pop-Up Shops That’ll Inspire You to Make a Difference

Four Pop-Up Shops That’ll Inspire You to Make a Difference

Even though there is a wide variety of experiential marketing tactics available to brands, we are still enamored with pop-ups. Many brands believe that, because the events are often designed with Instagram in mind, they will become sought-after destinations for Gen Z and millennials. Also, other than finding coveted Instagrammable spots, these consumers are passionate about social and environmental causes. Put those elements together and you get brand activation magic.

Sparks Agency recently compiled a list of pop-up shops that not only look good on your feed but feel good in your heart. Ocean Cube for example, created an immersive inspirational pop-up exhibit that shows participants a futuristic and habitable under-sea world. Not only was the exhibit sustainability built and stunning to the eye, it stood for something powerful.


Corona Builds a Wall Made from Plastic Waste to Warn About Dangers of Plastic Pollution

Corona Builds a Wall Made from Plastic Waste to Warn About Dangers of Plastic Pollution

In what should come as news to no one, excessive plastic waste in the ocean has become an environmental crisis. In addition to killing wildlife and harming under sea habitats, the waste is ruining beaches across the globe. Even beaches as iconic and beautiful as Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro are under severe threat from plastic in the ocean.

Mexican beer brand Corona has made headlines for their eco efforts and groundbreaking sustainability design. This time, they are teaming up with Parley for the Oceans to build public awareness surrounding plastic pollution and, more importantly, find solutions to the crisis. Check out the gigantic wall built from collected beach trash that stopped beach goers in their tracks and delivered a powerful message.


Sound Idea: Why the Marketing Industry Needs to Start Taking Audio Seriously

Sound Idea: Why the Marketing Industry Needs to Start Taking Audio Seriously

In today’s world, visual is everything. With a heavy focus on videos, digital ads, social media stories, those elements that appeal to the eye rule. And while marketers want as much attention to their brand as they can get, according to Neuro-Insight agency, “brands that overlook sound as a creative tool are missing out on a crucial dimension of branding.”

Sound is one of the most effective emotional triggers for human beings. Even in the womb, babies respond to voices, music, and noise. But as powerful as sound is, it is often an afterthought when it comes to brand communications. When used strategically, music can play a vital role in brand recall – just think of commercial jingles that you can’t get out of your head. Read more to learn how big brands are finding their ‘sonic brand identity’.


Augmented Reality Wayfinding for Events: Transform Your Signage and Sponsor Strategies
Augmented Reality Wayfinding for Events: Transform Your Signage and Sponsor Strategies

Sometimes attending a corporate event can feel a little overwhelming. With numerous speakers, workshops, activations, and massive crowds, it’s easy for attendees to miss important elements in the event space. To combat missed opportunities, Google recently unveiled a new AR feature for use at these events. It lets attendees experience what’s around them through their camera lens via a mobile event app.

The app shows users directions to the keynote speaker stage, and helps them locate bathrooms, food carts, and even charging stations. Not only do attendees feel like their playing Pokemon Go, the marketing opportunity for event sponsors is endless. Read more to learn other creative ways that wayfinding tech enhances the attendee experience.


Betting on the Farm: The Best of Bonnaroo 2019

Every year, a 700-acre rural farm in Tennessee is transformed into the gritty music wonderland known as Bonnaroo. This year was a noteworthy one for the music and arts festival, as “the farm” went through drastic structural changes, as did its long-time producers Superfly. Needless to say, the uncertainty had many dedicated attendees concerned about the future of the festival.

Although Bonnaroo positions itself as the anti-Coachella, it clearly shares one thing in common – a strong brand presence. Tech giants like Google, as well as heavy-hitting liquor brands like Bacardi, flood the festival each year. They all share a similar goal in engaging attendees and giving them the most memorable brand experience possible. Click here to see the best of Bonnaroo’s brand activations.


How DTC brands like Outdoor Voices and Naadam Build on Hero Products to Fuel Growth

How DTC brands like Outdoor Voices and Naadam Build on Hero Products to Fuel Growth

DTC athleisure brand Outdoor Voice’s exercise dress is not only the company’s highest-rated, best-selling item, it has become known as their “hero product.” A hero product is often defined as a product designed to fill holes in a market, sometimes due to the price or function, and is the growth driver of a brand. In Outdoor Voice’s case, the exercise dress is different than a tennis dress but not only for working out. And although the exercise dress is still the brand’s main traffic driver, other apparel items are seeing an uptick in purchase thanks to the exposure gained from the hero product.

Here Glossy explores the strategy surrounding the hero product, which in theory should market itself and then take a backseat while consumers discover other items a brand has to offer.


See How Gucci, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton Do Inspirational Pop-Up Shops

See How Gucci, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton Do inspirational pop up shops

Although luxury retail brands often enjoy decades of brand awareness and cultural relevance, they are still beholden to current consumer behaviors. Shorter attention spans, increased competition, and a need for community are all universal factors that impact brands across the board, which is why luxury brands are also getting into the pop-up game. With cushier budgets, brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel spare no expense in offering their pop-up guests the ultimate scenescapes.

For Chanel, not only was the entire beach on Shelter Island transformed to be on brand, but guests were able to unwind, surf, and shop to their hearts’ content. They even got a private VIP performance from singer Billie Eilish at the J12 Yacht Club. The photos speak for themselves, demonstrating how Chanel was able to tastefully use every branding opportunity available while still maintaining a classic yacht aesthetic.


Why Some People Get Burned Out and Others Don’t

Why Some People Get Burned Out and Others Don’t

An article in the Harvard Business Review states that stress and burnout are not the same thing. It’s true that stress can lead to burn out, but there is a way to handle everyday anxiety without going down a path from which one can’t return.

According to research, the thing that differentiates people with severe stress and severe stress that leads to burnout is emotional intelligence (EI). EI competency allows us to stay calm, control impulses, and keep things in perspective. So, what can you do to manage stress and avoid burnout? Try these tips.


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Author: Nick Riggall


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