Is Your Brand Approaching Influencer Marketing the Wrong Way? (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways

  • The strength of influencer marketing is that it is intimate and authentic, so brands are wise to use strategies that nurture both of those outcomes.
  • When it comes to discovering effective places and tactics to engage with Gen Z, brands are all ears. Which is wise, as recent data shows that music festivals and events are prime locations.
  • When it comes to reaching our goals, often it is our own minds that are our biggest enemy. If you experience these mental blocks, there are ways to overcome.


Do Brands Need to Change the Way They Work with Influencers?

Do Brands Need to Change the Way They Work with Influencers?

When it comes to online marketing, the adage that the only thing constant is change rings true. From social media to search, how we approach consumer engagement and integrate it into the larger marketing mix is evolving every day. Now, as the influencer industry continues to grow, brands, agencies, influencers and even audiences are asking the same question: what’s the long game? Rather than dish a product to multiple influencers for a single campaign, many brands want to build genuine, long-term partnerships. Not only is this more sustainable, it plays on one of the most coveted aspects of social media (and other marketing methods) – authenticity.

Another factor that feeds into partnership sustainability is giving influencers complete creative control. Brands can offer features and data, but everything from copy, images, and filter choice is left to the influencer, as they best understand what their audience responds to. And it is their relationship with the community that has the power to build brand love. Without it, influencer marketing is nothing more than two-dimensional product placement. Read more to learn what markets and media experts have to say about influencer marketing and how data insights are the only way to show real value.


Reach Gen Z? Why Beauty Brands Turn to Live Music Events

Reach Gen Z? Why Beauty Brands Turn to Live Music Events

There is no longer any question that brand events are a vital part of a brand’s consumer engagement and acquisition strategy. But not all events are created equal. It is often the “who, what, where, and when” that plays a definitive part in determining the success of an event or experiential campaign.

For beauty brands eager to reach Gen Z, a recent study by Live Nation found that live music events are the best place. The study looked at Gen Z members across the US and UK. Not only did the research find that more than two-thirds of these consumers have attended a live music event in the last year, they unearthed valuable data about what influences their choices. For example, 52% of Gen Z consumers in both the US and UK say that social media posting encourages them to put more effort into their routine.


Get ‘In the Zone’: Inside the Britney Spears Pop-Up Experience in LA

Get ‘In the Zone’: Inside the Britney Spears Pop-Up Experience in LA
Britney Spears is the latest celebrity putting the “pop” in pop-up. Fans of the iconic star now have access to the “ultimate Britney Spears fan experience” through the The Zone, a 30,000 square foot immersive space dedicated to Spears career. Fans can get a close-up look at her most famous outfits, explore her iconic music video sets, and snag limited-edition merchandise.

This activation isn’t the first time that a pop star has created an immersive experience in conjunction with their latest album release. Recently, both Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish partnered with Spotify to bring their albums to life and give fans a unique way to interact with the music. But the sheer size of Britney’s pop-up sets it apart from the rest. Click here to see how an old Kmart super store was converted into the awe-inspiring ten-room space.


The Recruitment Shift to Branding the Employee Experience

The Recruitment Shift to Branding the Employee Experience

Forbes writer Evan Kramer says that recruiting and retaining talent in today’s corporate landscape is essential. Not only is it the company’s job to seek top talent, but it is also imperative to implement strategies that create an environment where they thrive. Yet, there seems to one thing that companies are missing the mark on – managing online reviews.

A company’s Glassdoor and social media sites are ground zero for reputation management. In addition to responding to bad reviews, brands should use other strategies to get ahead of public-facing negative feedback. Companies can offer employee satisfaction surveys, create employee appreciation initiatives, or even start a culture committee. By gauging sentiment early and acting proactively to promote a positive work culture, brands can enjoy employee evangelism, rather than react to complaints. Learn more about three areas to look at when branding your 2020 recruitment strategy.


Why a Pop-Up Winery at the Eiffel Tower May be a Game Changer

Why a Pop-Up Winery at the Eiffel Tower May be a Game Changer

Pop-up wineries are nothing new, but according to this article, a pop-up winery at the Eiffel Tower can be described in one way: a game changer. The Eiffel Tower is France’s most famous landmark, hosting up to 7 million visitors each year. And now tourists will have more than history to relish when they visit the monument. French winemaker Winerier Parisienne has created a fully functioning winery on site, which came as a surprise to many including the brand itself, as the amount of authorization and security required was unbelievable in its own right.

Surprisingly, visitors are not actually able to taste the wine while at the monument. Although the brand offers its wine at a café close by, what they are really doing is creating a product with an alluring story. Which poses several questions: Could this be the smartest marketing gimmick of them all? Will others follow suit by popping up at other historic landmarks like The Taj Majal or The Great Wall? Who wouldn’t want to buy a bottle of wine that was made at the Eiffel tower? Dive deeper into the world of landmark co-marketing here.


Glossier and Taco Bell Rank Among the Top Brands in Building Online Communities

Glossier and Taco Bell Rank Among the Top Brands in Building Online CommunitiesGlossier and Taco Bell Rank Among the Top Brands in Building Online Communities

To gain visibility into which brands have the best online communities, peer-to-peer marketing platform Zyper relies on data that go beyond followers and likes. When taking into consideration higher-level metrics like consumer sentiment and more, the brands that made the top of Zyper’s list include Taco Bell, Glossier, Hims, and Cheetos.

These companies are consistently able to influence culture and maintain a high-level of engagement with their fans. Instead of looking to influencers, these brands’ communities look to each other for recommendations and brand news. Read more here to see how the Zyper data team took a list of 1,000 companies and drilled it down to land on their top 20.


3 Mental Blocks That Keep You from Doing What You Say You Want to Do

3 Mental Blocks That Keep You from Doing What You Say You Want to Do

Most of the time we have the best intentions. We also have adequate resources and encouragement to reach our goals, but something is stopping us – our own mind. In this article, cognitive psychologist Amanda Crowell introduces the term “defensive failure,” which is what happens when we really want to do something, but simply don’t.

What keeps people locked in their defensive failure are three different mental blocks. The first is thinking you can’t do it. Most people struggle when they first start something new and allow “rookie mistakes” to deter their efforts. Critical is understanding that failure is not only necessary, but a step in the right direction. Visit the article to learn more about the other mental blocks and how to get over them to get things done.


Jeep Treats X Games Attendees to a Mountainside 4D Film Experience

Jeep Treats X Games Attendees to a Mountainside 4D Film Experience

The Jeep “Champion of Adventure” experience left fans at the Winter X Games in awe. During a snowy weekend in Aspen Colorado, attendees were invited to enter a heated 30-foot dome to experience a four-minute film that was projected onto the ceiling. Fans got even toastier when they reclined in Jeep Wrangler Rubicon heated leather seats, which were also motion-activated. The seats rumbled under attendees as the film took them off-roading over hilly mountains trails and dry lake beds.

The experience gave consumers an opportunity to become acquainted with many of the automobile’s key features, check out the entire line of Jeep vehicles, or just enjoy a toasty s’more. Click here to see why the activation was such a unique departure from the brand’s past approaches with ESPN and X Games.

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