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Introducing Impact

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Impact enables brands to better understand the business impact of both physical and digitally blended experiences. Providing deep insights into how brand experiences can create customer value and maximise return on investment.


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What is Impact?

An insight platform that makes you understand the real-time data of your campaign – presented in a dashboard that focuses on helping you make more informed decisions.


Who is it for?

CMOs that want to be able to prove the contribution of their growing experience marketing spend on Brand equity.

Live experience leads that want to level up their retail portfolio to make more informed decisions on where to best deploy their budget across a range of events and pop-ups.

Event managers who want to discover opportunities (data) to improve the reporting and efficiencies of their event.

How does it work?

Our CRM and external sources (survey/engagement capturing behaviour) feeds in to an advanced data strategy, cloud infrastructure and analytics that then informs Impact’s measurement tools and dashboard to unlock insights that matter to you.



Why should I use it?

It supports you in rebuilding your marketing budget from the ground, up.

It enables Brand Ambassadors through clever use of tech and data.

It helps you make more informed decisions across your experience marketing portfolios.

The platform is valuable for every marketer, from the CMO to an Event Manager who want to understand the importance of using real-time insight to optimize their campaigns and acquire relevant data in order to make more informed decisions internally
(shareholders) and externally (audience).


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Insight to Action

  • Everything we do with Impact drives towards recommendation and continuous Improvement.

Trends & Benchmarking 

  • Predictive modelling bespoke to sectors/brands sets targets based on data science not gut instinct.

Operational Efficiencies 

  • 1,000s of data points are key indicators to help inform reporting and calculate better project delivery.


  • By capturing all data, including outliers and unstructured data sets, we can unlock value from unexpected places.

Upgrade to Insights

01. Goals

Understanding your business, marketing and campaign goals

02. KPIs

Developing a strategy to define and create your measurement framework

03. Data

Run existing data audit, define data acquisition programme including the likes of survey design

04. Impact

Integrate external data sources, design Impact initial instance, data extracts and visualisation

05. Beta

Technical and User Testing: Technical integrations, dashboard training and BA enablement

06. Launch

Live in-the-field, real-time access and campaign optimisation

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