This is Why You Should Consider Producing Hybrid Marketing Events (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways

  • Blending the tangible and the virtual has become commonplace. When it comes to producing corporate or marketing events, converting content into the digital space can expand reach, accommodate more attendees, and get you closer to your goals.
  • What happens if your brand gets unwanted attention from a political figure or group? Ask KFC UK.
  • Is your workplace often filled with bursts of laughter? Rather than eye employees suspiciously for fear that no work is being done, rest easy that workplace giggles can be a good thing.


Getting Virtual: Why Your Strategy Should Include Hybrid Events

Getting Virtual: Why Your Strategy Should Include Hybrid Events

Incorporating a virtual component into a corporate or marketing event is beneficial, not only in expanding awareness but reaching event goals. Adding virtual elements brings the event to a worldwide audience, which is vital for inclusivity and helpful for those looking for a flexible attendee experience.

The way in which you incorporate digital elements is entirely up to you. Some hybrid events will host most of their content live, but stream keynotes or turn the event itself into a webcast. Virtual events allow event marketers to measure more and measure more accurately. Utilizing surveys and micro-polls in real time can help you gauge your audience demographics and boost pre- and post-event communication. Here you can find Opus Agency’s list of things to consider when planning virtual events.


IKEA Becomes First Retailer to Let Customers Pay Using Time

IKEA Becomes First Retailer to Let Customers Pay Using Time

IKEA Dubai is turning retail marketing on its head. The store’s most recent initiative allows customers to pay for products with time. How you ask? Each person’s purchasing power is determined by the amount of time they spent traveling to the retail store. All customers have to do is use Google Maps to demonstrate how many miles it took to arrive at the store and use the “time currency” to offset their purchase.

The “Buy With Your Time” campaign reinforces brand’s acknowledgement of how precious consumers’ time is. IKEA recognizes that its customers often live on the outskirts of town and spend a lot of time traveling to the store. They also acknowledge that they spend a significant amount of time in store. Read more about how IKEA wants to help the Dubai community make the most of every minute (especially those minutes spent at IKEA).


Oh Heck – When Politicians Become Unwanted Brand Ambassadors

Oh Heck – When Politicians Become Unwanted Brand Ambassadors

Most brands work hard to transform their most loyal customers into natural brand ambassadors. However, not all endorsements are equal, especially when they come from controversial politicians. This is so much so that some brands have a strategy in place for times when an unfavorable figure publicly engages the brand.

Many brands have found themselves in the crosshairs of political ideologies and the subsequent backlash. Some even experienced cries for boycotts. Some brands are quick to claim no political affiliation, while others tend to lean in. KFC UK falls into the latter category. When the conservative party taunted the brand with a politically charged image, the KFC UK Twitter handle shut it down. Check out the exchange here.


How Top Event Pros Design Their Own Offices

How Top Event Pros Design Their Own Offices

Event companies around the world aim to create spaces that surprise and delight consumers. When it comes to their office design, most seek to foster creativity, concentration, and collaboration, all while showing off a unique aesthetic and company culture. AGENC focuses on famous artwork and emphasized light-filled windows, natural wood, and large plants. Elsewhere, NVE Experience Agency used their recent renovation as an opportunity to bring their values to life and differentiate themselves from other creative agencies.

Most of the agencies in this article by BizBash shared a common theme. They established balance between creativity and professionalism with employee well-being at the forefront. Productivity-enhancing elements like “huddle spaces” and “privacy pods” were popular, as well as an auditorium-style room for company meetings, presentations, and events. Read more to learn about other fun features, including a roof deck where employees can take yoga classes, soak up some vitamin D, and engage in team building activities.


Inside the Kings Hawaiian Breakfast Bungalow Midtown Pop-Up

Inside the Kings Hawaiian Breakfast Bungalow Midtown Pop-Up

The popular Kings Hawaiian brand, famous for their delicious sweet bread rolls, recently opened their “Breakfast Bungalow” in Midtown NYC. The pop-up transports visitors into a Hawaiian tropical paradise complete with palm trees, sandcastles, and swinging hammocks. When guests need a break from swimming in the ocean-inspired ball pit and photographing volcanic installations, they can dig into a delectable menu curated by chef Jaime Young.

Not only can attendees indulge in dishes like Kings Hawaiian Coconut S’Mores French Toast, they can customize their sweet rolls with more than 50 toppings, which demonstrates how the rolls are perfect for breakfast or dessert. The interactive activation aims to showcase how perfectly their rolls pair with both sweet and the savory.


Paramount’s ‘Mean Girls’ Pop-Up Restaurant Back On, Tickets on Sale

Paramount's 'Mean Girls' Pop-Up Restaurant Back On, Tickets on Sale

The cult classic Mean Girls is finally getting its long-awaited pop-up treatment. Initial plans were halted as experiential event production company Rixton Productions received pushback from Paramount Pictures. Now Paramount has signed off, which means all systems are a go and the movie’s fans are pumped.

The restaurant, “Fetch,” is set to open in April, where guests will chow down on a three-course, themed meal. They can order food items like the “Whatever Cheese Fries” and the “Gretchen Weiner Dog.” Guests will also be able to buy alcohol and merchandise and between all the photo ops. Besides allowing fans to tap into their nostalgia surrounding the film, they will also have the opportunity to get their Mean Girls fix in advance if its Broadway musical debuting this year. Click here for more info.


The Benefits of Laughing in the Office

The Benefits of Laughing in the Office

According to Harvard Business Review, a good dose of daily laughter in the office is just what the doctor ordered. Studies show that humor has one of the most positive impacts on office culture. Harvard Business School professor Alison Wood Brooks says, “Laughter relieves stress and boredom, boosts engagement and well-being, and spurs not only creativity and collaboration but also analytic precision and productivity.”

When employees are laughing, they are releasing endorphins, stimulating circulation, and relaxing their muscles – all good things to combat stress. When companies encourage laughing, they may see a reduction in absenteeism and an increase in productivity. Learn more about the benefits of cracking up with your coworkers – but watch out. Too much humor can lead to a negative work environment.


How Brands make Connections through Gaming

How Brands make Connections through Gaming

Last year, worldwide spending on digital games reached $109.4 billion, with the popular Fortnite raking in $1.8 billion on its own. Besides colossal sales numbers, gaming has become an essential way that Gen Z socializes. PSFK describes how many marketers have taken notice and are looking at ways to use the genre to engage with their target consumers.

One way that brands are getting in on the game is good old-fashioned product placement. Some examples include game characters outfitted in branded clothing, while fashion label Louis Vuitton recently collaborated with League of Legends for an in-game apparel line. Nike worked with Fortnite in allowing characters to rock Jordan Sneakers. See other creative ways brands are tapping into this coveted community.

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