How to Easily Scale Any of Your Brand Events

“Don’t reinvent the wheel, just realign it.” – Anthony D’Angelo, author

Did you know wheels are considered “the hallmark of man’s innovation”? They differ from other early inventions because, unlike the pitchfork which derived from forked sticks, wheels were not “inspired by the natural world.” Even so, the first wheel wasn’t used like we know it today – for transit. Instead, in 3500 BC, the wheel served as a potter’s wheel. It wasn’t until 300 years later, that wheel was put on a chariot to become a means for movement. This innovative use of this existing item would revolutionize the way people travelled. And, it influenced many other inventions. This makes the ‘realignment’ of the wheel – its contribution to another cause – as powerful as its first purpose.

Like the invention of the wheel, much time and effort and many resources go into the planning of your brand events. In the face of rising competition in experiential marketing, the pressure to come up with another great idea – to “reinvent the wheel” – can be exhausting. The good news is that you can ‘realign’ your brand events. You can make simple modifications, whether B2B, B2C, or internal, that allow you to scale efforts and engage other groups with success. 


Considerations for Realignment When Planning Brand Events That Scale

Mobile marketing tours have become increasingly popular in reaching consumers in multiple markets. B2B experiential marketing is the new norm at conferences and customer appreciation events around the globe. Internal marketing events are more commonplace as companies seek to turn employees into brand ambassadors. No matter in which arena your brand events fall, no two markets are the same. These nuances across locations will call for adjustments at the campaign and logistical levels. One of which is your messaging.

While the theme will be consistent in all markets, your messaging may need tweaking to reflect local culture and vernacular. For instance, carbonated beverage companies may need to know whether to call products ‘soda’ or ‘pop’. And in some cases, it’s a good idea to verify what a word means to residents in an area because it may not have the same definition for another audience.

You’ll also want to research how people in your markets prefer to engage with other people and brands. It’s important to know how to address them, how much personal space they prefer, and what means of physical contact are acceptable. This is so not to overstep boundaries. For all these reasons, it’s a smart practice to hire local brand ambassadors.


Scale brand events with brand ambassadors

A Best Practice for Planning All Brand Events

Using local event staff in each market ensures a regional or global brand experience has a relatable approach. You have a team immersed in the community and knowledgeable about the market. They will reflect the demographics of each and will speak the local language – critical when targeting a bilingual audience. Hiring local brand ambassadors is also a cost-effective practice, saving you money on travel expenses.

Another way to save money related to logistics is to streamline the activities offered at each destination. This is opposed to acquiring and shipping new materials, while awaiting the receipt of those from the last activation. It also prevents you from having to reinvent the wheel when you choose activities and games that all audiences can enjoy. One time-tested activity is a scavenger hunt.

Case in Point: Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts appeal to people of all ages. This makes them perfect for all brand events: mobile marketing tours, B2B marketing events, internal corporate events, and more. They only need to be built around a campaign-related topic for use across all activations. They can also be easily realigned if needed.

It’s common for internal corporate events to incorporate scavenger hunts as team-building exercises, using creative themes, like pirates or James Bond. Or, they may serve to reinforce company training on health and wellness topics, for instance, or new products. This latter application can also be used for B2B marketing events to help prospects get to know a company and its product. Likewise, customers and company staff can strengthen their relationships by putting business aside for some informal fun.

The launch of the Psych television show provides a great B2C example. Using Scavenger Hunt Anywhere, the show’s network ran a radio contest in 10 cities. Twenty winners in each market participated in a scavenger hunt in pursuit of a grand prize. This created excitement around its premiere and likely turned participants into fans. Yet, no matter the goal, the key to maximum impact across all locations is consistent delivery. And, that all comes down to the people both leading the effort and executing it on the ground. Those building brand events can ensure success (and lessen their load) when they partner with an experiential staffing agency that understands what it takes to scale efforts with realignment.

The Right Partner to Scale Brand Events with Success

Just as local brand ambassadors provide the authenticity brands need to connect with consumers, they also provide the consistency scaled activities like scavenger hunts need in their delivery. This is through one experiential staffing provider leading the charge.

The right agency will have an extensive database of local event staff across the globe. They will hand-select and train the right people to represent each market. They can also provide experienced high-level mobile marketing tour and market managers to ensure cohesion throughout the campaign and, as mentioned, lessen your load. This may be through such on-the-ground needs as storage, expenses, vehicle management, inventory management, and more. They will also use event technology that tracks efforts and demonstrates ROI, proving no need to reinvent the wheel.

At Elevate, we have offices around the globe and access to the best experiential staff. Let us provide the people you need to maximize your hard work.

Author: Nick Riggall


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