How Automotive Companies Used Experiences to Transport CES Attendees into the Future (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways

  • Technology has impacted almost every product category, automotive included. With many disruptive transportation concepts on the horizon, such as self-driving cars, the auto industry is also embracing tech when it comes to communicating future advancements to consumers.
  • Do you understand the benefits of blockchain? If not, you should, as it is one of the most significant marketing trends of 2019.
  • From store closures to disinterested consumers, the answer to the retail industry’s woes lies in innovation.

How Auto Companies at CES Used Experience to Show their Vision of the Future

Walt Disney famously said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” And those who attended CES were lucky enough to witness the truth in this statement. This year, brands announced upcoming products that were awe-inspiring, including several automobile companies. Think next-level stuff like self-driving pods and walking cars.

While some people may not associate cars with the most cutting-edge technology, leading car brands are using tech to take their products (and customers) into the future. In what seemed to come from a science fiction movie, Kia and Bosch created experiences at CES that gave attendees a first-hand look into what it would be like to ride in a self-driving pod. Because much of what the future may hold is still living in theory, creating a real-life experience helps people visualize what’s possible.

3 Major Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2019

How brands advertise and market their products doesn’t look the same as it did 10 (or even 5) years ago. As times have changed, information has become increasingly transparent, and consumers have become more aware that they’re being marketed to. Consumer buying habits have also changed, pushing brand to continue to innovate to reach consumers.

In 2019, marketers can look to a few growing trends to determine the best strategy to see returns. This Entrepreneur article suggests that the top 3 trends marketers should be watching include blockchain, social responsibility, and offline marketing. The author discusses how offline methods, like newsletters or experiential, add a personal touch, helping take people away from their screens.

Changing Face of Retail Innovation in 2019

The retail industry has seen a shift in recent years. Talks of malls dying, experience retail becoming the norm, and online brands dipping into brick and mortar have made their way across the headlines. Whether the reason is due to the impact of ecommerce or consumers’ changing mindset, the way for successful retailers to move forward is to look ahead.

Not only are retail stores competing against each other, they are competing with the convenience of online shopping. Yes, creating an in-store experience is impactful, but for retail stores to continue to thrive, innovation is key. Here are three innovative ways that retail brands can transform themselves in 2019.

The Power of Storytelling and Bringing Brands to Life at Events

Storytelling has been a powerful form of communication since the beginning of time. It not only speaks to how people think, but stories help us find commonality with others. By incorporating storytelling, brands can find common ground with a wider audience. Stories can also demonstrate an authentic, human side of a brand. And when brought into brand activation, companies can establish several connection points with a single event.

Storytelling takes experiential event attendees on a journey, letting brands evoke multiple senses while speaking to their emotions. And as this FMBE article reminds us, little details can elevate the attendee journey even more. Whether it’s making them a part of the brand’s storyline or demonstrating its history, a brand activation can help consumers become emotionally invested in any story that the company is telling.

American Express Service Stations at CES Focus on Attendee Needs

Many service brands have encountered challenges in executing traditional experiential tactics that have centered around sampling or demonstrations. Because they lack a physical product, people can’t experience what they offer during an event. But service brands have gotten creative and have successfully used experiential marketing to engage consumers and differentiate themselves from the competition.

One brand that has set the standard in brand activation for the past several years has been American Express. The financial services company has created several note-worthy brand experiences, most recently at this year’s CES. Check out the details of the activation here.

Nostalgia Marketing: Four 90s Experiences That Were All That and a Bag of Chips

Whether you were a diehard Spice Girls fan or spent your time on the (albeit limited) world wide web, the 90s were a simpler time. And for many millennials, it was the era in which they came of age. Those brands who have tapped into this decade for marketing inspiration have found success, especially in the form of event marketing.

Event Marketer recently published an article highlighting 4 of the best 90s-themed brand activations that were no doubt “da bomb.” From New Balance in Los Angeles, who transported attendees back, to Renault UK, who created a split theme comparing the 90s and modern day, these brands embraced nostalgia to appeal to consumers. Check out all four events here.

Large Scale Stunts: Go Big or Go Home

Despite being a potential risk, large-scale brand stunts can be rewarding. If the stunt is pulled off without a hitch, it can earn media coverage, capture the attention of passersby, and result in long-lasting brand awareness. And as Sparks agency points out in their recent blog post, “the size of the stunt directly correlates with its impact.”

To achieve maximum results, stunts generally require an element of surprise. One example of a brand that successfully executed a recent large-scale stunt was Amazon. To promote the newest Jurassic World film, Amazon delivered a 16,000-pound box to The Grove in Los Angeles, complete with a Jurassic World motorcade. Speaking of Jurassic World, another stunt that earned quite a bit of consumer attention was NowTV’s giant statue of Jeff Goldblum, also erected to promote the film.

Author: Nick Riggall


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