Four Halloween-Themed Activations That Were a Real Treat (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways:

  • Tis the season for a scare! Sparks Agency has created a list of the best Halloween-themed brand activations for our boo-ing pleasure.
  • Amazon’s “Maisel Day” activation re-imagined traditional brand activation through an experiential campaign that spanned an entire city.
  • While most businesses focus on productivity, data suggests that instead looking to efficiency will boost both results and morale.


No Tricks Here: These Four Halloween-Themed Activations Are All Treats

No Tricks Here: These Four Halloween-Themed Activations Are All Treats
Experiential marketing loves holidays, and Halloween is certainly no exception. Halloween is fun, visceral, and universally appealing, which is why brand activations so often align with the holiday. But creating something spooky or sweet requires a keen eye. To break through the clutter of Halloween décor and competing festivities, brands have to be creative. For inspiration, Sparks Agency pulled together a list of the best Halloween-themed activations.

Reese’s made the list with their ingenious NYC brand activation that features a machine exchanges any unwanted candy for the brand’s beloved peanut butter cups. So, people of New York, gather your nougat, candy corn, and other less-than-desirable treats! Read on to discover the other campaigns that made the list.


Creative Director’s Choice: The Many’s Damien Eley on Amazon’s ‘Maisel Day’ activation

Maisel Day

To promote Amazon’s popular and critically acclaimed original series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, agency The Many partnered with 28 locations across Los Angeles to offer goods and services for prices from the year 1959. A blend of trendy spots and classic city staples offered show-themed specials. The Famous Canters Deli served its guests a Maisel-inspired pastrami sandwich for only 99 cents.

But while each establishment offered a tempting deal, the location that caused the most attention (and quite the traffic jam) was a Chevron station. There, customers could buy gas for only 30 cents a gallon! Damien Eley, executive creative director of The Many, sat down with The Drum to discuss the acclaimed “Maisel Day” activation. Read more about their equal parts viral and disruptive approach to experiential here.


Sol Invites Londoners to Sun-Filled Bar

Sol Invites Londoners to Sun-Filled Bar

The always-brisk autumn season in London is in full swing, and Londoners are already missing the warmer summer days that seem so far behind them. To battle the autumn blues, beer brand Sol invited people to relax, have a beer, and bask in the “sun” in a light-filled bar. The venue featured bright sunny colors and unforgettable summer elements, such as beachy scents, sounds and even a gentle warm breeze.

When the temperature dips and the UK is wet, windy and grey, most people tend to remain indoors as much as possible. The Sol Bar hopes to give Londoners a welcome reprieve while addressing the fact that almost half of all UK adults don’t get the recommend daily amount of sun! Read more to see how Sol is warming consumers up with a nice cold beer.


Why It’s Better to be Efficient Rather than Productive

Why It’s Better to be Efficient Rather than Productive

Whether we want to admit it, we all know the truth – being busy is not the same as being productive. And being productive is not the same as being as efficient. As Fast Company puts it, “productivity measures how much you do within a given timeframe while efficient is about being productive with less effort.”

Some suggest that employee burnout can ease when companies focus on increased efficiency rather than increased production. This flips the traditional mindset from “who will do this work?” to “how will this work get done?” Read more.


Sweet Dreams: How SmileDirectClub Turned Sleep into a Daylong Stunt

Sweet Dreams: How SmileDirectClub Turned Sleep into a Daylong Stunt

To promote their new Nighttime Clear Aligners, SmileDirectClub partnered with Improv Everywhere to perform a hilarious 10-hour act at the iconic Grand Central Station in NYC. The unique performance featured several performers, including the famous New York Gay Men’s Chorus. They were joined by an array of actors who were responsible for several fun antics surrounding the “professional sleeper”.

SmileDirectClub’s in-house creative agency told BizBash that the performance garnered hundreds of consumer interactions and thousands of impressions, both in person and online. Check out the goofy activation and its squad of “noise control police” who hushed noisy commuters.


Popeyes Dings Chick-fil-A with Sunday Return of Sold-Out Chicken Sandwich

Popeyes Dings Chick-fil-A with Sunday Return of Sold-Out Chicken Sandwich

The debut of Popeye’s chicken sandwich made waves this past summer. The coveted menu item sold out within weeks amid a social media frenzy and word-of-mouth tour de force that accompanied it’s launch. As a result, the company found itself with a very popular product – and millions of dollars in free media coverage.

And now, the chicken sandwich is making a comeback, and it is already ruffling a few feathers. This is particularly the case at Chick-Fil-A, with whom Popeyes has an ongoing beef. Marketing Dive explores into how Popeye’s leveraged their audience to achieve envy-worthy organic engagement and growth.


Uber’s Potentially Powerful — Yet Largely Unknown — Event Service

Uber’s Potentially Powerful — Yet Largely Unknown — Event Service

According to Skift, rideshare apps are one of the most frequently expensed items on business expense reports. The data show that business travelers prefer rideshare apps over other forms of transportation when visiting a new city for events and conventions.

Even as these apps increase in popularity, many hotel and conference professionals still consider transportation to and from their venue an afterthought. Uber Events is looking to streamline the pick-up and drop-off process by working with event producers to shore up that missed detail and turn a good event into a great one. But why don’t more people know about Uber Events? Learn more.

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