Experiential Marketing is Making Fireside Chats Cool Again (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways

  • While many presenters default to a “TED Talk” style, marketers are channeling FDR with a fireside chat approach to better connect with consumers.
  • Like almost every marketing method, out of home has changed dramatically over the past few years through the integration of digital, creative new methodologies, and better tools to measure ROI.
  • Even as we rush through our over-scheduled lives, research suggests that setting aside time to be idle will actually boost your performance when it’s go time.


Content Trend: Fireside Chats, Rekindled

Content Trend: Fireside Chats, Rekindled

Fireside chats were made popular during the FDR administration at a time when people everywhere would gather by the radio. During these chats, FDR would address the nation in an informal and relaxed way, which gave them a feeling of togetherness, intimacy and insight. It is those key emotions that has event marketers looking back to this method and bringing it into the modern landscape.

Event managers are ditching the single speaker (a la TED Talk) style and exploring the “fireside chat” to help audiences feel more connected to the speaker. This method offers a human-to-human element that other presentation styles can lack. Yet, some people are feeling burned. Opus Agency warns that using fireside chats merely as a “forced format disruptor” and not including the heart and soul of storytelling can be detrimental. Check out their tips on stage design and precautions in the case that you are using an actual fire.


Football Tailgating Event Strategies That Tackle Fan Engagement

Content Trend: Fireside Chats, Rekindled

Americans love their football. And event marketers know that the best way to tap into this passionate community is through tackling the tailgating scene. Instead of spending a fortune on prime-time TV commercials or disposable branded concession items, brands can seek authentic and organic ways to show up where real conversations are happening.

And it all starts with connecting with the people. Fans of the University of Washington football team approach tailgating a little differently. Rather than taking over a stadium parking lot, they “sailgate” in Seattle’s Husky Harbor. Wendy’s decided to meet fans where they were by setting sail a 130-foot-long floating restaurant barge. There fans could dock their boat and load up on all the burgers and Frosties they could handle. Wendy’s even offered delivery via dingy to those anchored in prime spots! You can also see how Bota Box brought brunch to tailgaters while Pepsi used mascots and cheerleaders to elevate the fan experience.


Booking.com Will Open a Pop-Up Resort Inspired by 2020 Resolutions

Booking.com Will Open a Pop-Up Resort Inspired by 2020 Resolutions

January is nearing its end and Booking.com wants to help travelers keep their New Year’s resolutions. The brand is offering 20 resolution-themed suites at their Resolution Resort in New York City for only $20.20.

Booking.com’s suites are specially-designed based on “universally relatable resolutions.” That means aspiring bookworms can reserve the book-filled “Read More” library-themed room, while those looking to develop their culinary skills can book a kitchen-centered room. Check out the other rooms made for people who want to get in shape or even spend more time with their pets.


Pentagram Injects Fun and Play into Fisher-Price Brand Refresh

Pentagram Injects Fun and Play into Fisher-Price Brand Refresh

The iconic Fisher-Price brand has been a childhood staple since the 1930s, however, just recently it underwent a brand refresh. The company, known for its educational children’s toys, received a fun and bubblier makeover to match its extensive line of products. Agency Pentagram captured the company’s heritage, while emphasizing cohesion between its wide range of products, from Play Wheels and Rock-a-Stack to the classic Chatter Telephone.

Pentagram created a new visual identity that captures the spirit of play and the nostalgic joy of classic toys. Read more for an in-depth analysis on the typography process and their play-moji graphic elements.


5 Trends for Out of Home in 2020

5 Trends for Out of Home in 2020

Out-of-home advertising grew in 2019, mostly due to digital integration, creative application, and newly measurable data to show ROI. Because of its wide reach and low cost, more companies are reallocating spend towards out-of-home. EMC Outdoor explains how online streaming wars were actually fought on the streets through out-of-home billboards.

Originally OOH was seen as a “spray and pray” method; campaigns were broad and aimed to – hopefully – reach the target audience. But now with geopath insights, companies can use data to micro-target audiences. They do so by collecting movement patterns and purchase history, with no need to waste an ounce of the budget. Check out the trends here.


The Importance of Being Idle

5 Trends for Out of Home in 2020

Despite our “hustle and grind” culture, the role of rest and recovery can actually be the key to getting ahead. Like the golden ratio of work and rest that is used in athletic training, we all need breaks, vacation, and downtime because “idleness” is necessary for us to perform our best. Simply put, less is more, if it’s done periodically.

When we don’t rest, we suffer physically and mentally, and our work can be of poor quality. And it is this data that has led top companies like Netflix to offer unlimited holiday time so employees are always operating on a full tank. Read more to see how to improve your recovery strategy and really thrive.


‘Culture of Venting’: How Agencies Manage Gossip in the Workplace

‘Culture of Venting’: How Agencies Manage Gossip in the Workplace

Gossip in the workplace is inevitable. And, surprisingly, some researchers even suggest that gossip is necessary in forming inter-office connection. While employees might not be physically gathering around the water cooler, they are sharing the latest buzz with each other via Slack, Gchat, or social media.

As our work and personal lives blur, work-life discussions naturally proliferate. But the downside is that misinformation is often carried through gossip channels. To mitigate the negative, some agencies see gossip as sentiment and use feedback tools like TinyPoll or OfficeVibe to gauge concerns anonymously. See why other agency executives believe that keeping things as transparent as possible is the most effective way to prevent the kind of gossip you want to avoid.

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Author: Nick Riggall


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