Experiential Marketing Staffing

As the only global event staffing agency, Elevate can scale and deliver event staffing services for any campaign across the world. Experiential marketing staffing is our superpower.

Elevate provides the transparency, technology, and team to exceed expectations.

Elevate requires every person in our global database to upload a
video profile. This layer of transparency gives us an edge when it comes to selecting staff. We provide clients with detailed, data-driven campaign reports for each campaign. And with offices in Los Angeles, London, Berlin, and Paris, our experiential marketing staffing office teams are always close by.

Investing in experiential marketing staff will pay you back. Here's how:

Experienced staff

The more information that promotional staff have, the more confident they’ll be that they can get the desired result.

One-on-one attention

Professional event staff focus on smaller tasks specific to the attendee experience to provide better engagement.

Proprietary technology

Our platform will help you gather the data you need to demonstrate experiential marketing ROI.

Extraordinary teams for extraordinary events

Elevate’s experiential marketing
staffing solutions ensure
we deliver outstanding experiences.

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Request a proposal.
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