Love Them or Hate Them, You Need to Know These Experiential Buzzwords (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways:

  • Whether you are wanting to incorporate “gamification” or discussing the importance of “UGC,” in experiential we throw around a lot of buzzwords. But, when it comes down to it, do we understand their origins or actual meanings?.
  • Are you busy? For most people, the answer is probably yes. Instituting time management hacks might help.
  • Sponsorships can be a great opportunity for brands to further their cause-based marketing initiatives.


7 Buzzwords Impacting Experience Marketing


buzzwords swisse

No matter what business you’re in, buzzwords are everywhere. In experiential marketing, buzzwords are on steroids and, in some cases, can sound like a separate language. Retailtainment. Personalization. Festivalization. LinkedIn even created their own March Madness bracket of buzzwords. The ultimate winner? Disruption.

While you can likely recite your own litany of fashionable marketing-speak, do we really know what these terms mean and where they came from? This article explores the origin of these words and discusses how sometimes the use of these words can be misunderstood. For example, Fyre Festival definitely had a “wow factor” – but is that a good thing?


12 Time Management Mistakes That Set You Up for Failure

time management

In 2019, employees are working around the clock. “Office hours” are no longer confined to a 9 to 5 schedule, as many people pick up working even after they arrive home. When in the physical office people slog on through their lunch breaks. They login on weekends and tote their computers around while on vacation. In fact, in the U.S., 85.8 percent of males and 66.5 percent of females work more than 40 hours per week.

So how do we make the most out of our busy schedules? Many would argue that time management is the key. This article lists 12 mistakes we make in managing our calendars. One issue? Misunderstanding “busy” vs. “productive.” Also, the article has good news for night owls – you don’t have to wake up before the sun rises! Read on for more insights…if you have the time.


How Chevy is Making a Difference Among Girls with Its Soccer Sponsorship

Values-based and purpose-driven marketing have become household terms, as consumers increasingly want to understand the “why” behind brands as much as they want to understand the “what.” A company’s core values are a critical point of distinction and differentiation. As a result, brands of all types seek ways in which they can demonstrate their corporate priorities and, in many cases, serve their customers in a meaningful way.

Some are finding success in showing their values through sponsorships. As Event Marketer points out, “Sponsorships connect brands to consumer passion points, but they can also open doors to help brands make a real difference in the lives of fans.” Here, the magazine explores one example in Chevy’s #BeAGoalKeeper campaign. Although the automotive industry is often driven by men, GM and Chevy are one of the few companies with female leadership at the top level. Read more about how Chevy saw an opportunity and drove it home.


Four Ways Oscar Mayer Manages Its Iconic Experiential Program

The iconic Oscar Meyer Wienermobile has been on the road since 1936. Some consider the mobile wiener one of the first experiential marketing campaigns to ever hit the streets. Today, if you’re lucky enough to spot the Wienermobile you might try and get a photo before it’s too late. Because like Halley’s comet, you might not see it again for a long time.

The Wienermobile is so well-established that generating brand awareness is its singular purpose. The vehicle itself doesn’t offer samples. The wiener on wheels’ goal is to be seen and to make consumers smile. In this article by Event Marketer, the senior experiential marketing manager for Oscar Mayer at Kraft-Heinz gives tips on how to build and sustain a legacy marketing program that transcends generations and demographics.


Purposeful, Human-Centric Experiences Have These 3 Things in Common

The traditional marketing agenda has shifted. For a long time, the objective of most marketing teams was to generate leads or to get consumers to buy. Now, we operate in an economic ecosystem that includes more than slogans and TV spots. Marketers need to offer something for consumers to buy in to. Those brands that are human-centric put purpose before products and people in front of design. It is this approach that produces action or change, leading to purchase.

Designer and technologist John Maeda tells Adweek, “Art and design are poised to transform our economy in the 21st century like science and technology did in the last century.” Read more about how human-centered design will play a major role in the business world.


How Brand Partnerships Help the Tribeca Film Festival Entertain the Industry and the Public

The Tribeca Film Festival has become the launch pad for many aspiring indie films that are looking to be picked up. Generally, if a film is well-received, it has an opportunity to reach a larger, sometimes global, audience. Not only does the festival get thousands of film submissions, the event draws an estimated three million people each year. But in the often financially-strapped world of indie films, it stands to reason that someone else foots the bill for this star-studded event. The answer? Brands do.

At Tribeca, brands serve less in a sponsorship role and more in partnership with filmmakers who may not have money but have a story to tell. The only guideline for brand sponsorships is that they must enhance the consumer experience. Read more about how brands at Tribeca hold a clear and effective presence without diminishing from the allure of the famous festival.


Digital Media Brands Get Physical: Why Content Isn’t King Anymore

Content is king. This phrase has been preached from the marketing mountain tops for years now. Yet, some argue that this assertion needs updating. They would argue that, with nearly every company feverishly blogging, publishing, and recording, content used to be king. Now content is competition. Digital media brands are battling tooth and nail to get a piece of the consumer attention pie. Their latest creative tactic? Pivot from the digital to the physical. Digital media giants Complex and Refinery are leading this movement by connecting with their audiences IRL via their own proprietary events.

As the article states, “These events are way more than just a pop-up—they have become a recurring part of culture that people anticipate, buy tickets to and wait in line for. Not only has this become a great way to diversify their revenue streams, but they’ve also found a way to develop deeper, more tangible connections with their audiences.” Complex’s Complexcon, for example, serves as their online homepage brought to life. A festival of music, art, fashion, sports and tech, all served on a platter for youth culture to devour. The takeaway? Those brands that are creative and find a way to offer content in physical form will have a significant advantage in the saturated digital marketplace.


Host Michelle Morrow on Diversity, Industry Growth and Event Trends in esports

In following the esports industry, we have often noted its rapid growth rate. But its rise into the stratosphere has also ushered in a rapid rate of change. Not only has the industry exceeded the billion dollar revenue mark, Esports has gone global. And, in many ways, it is beginning to look more like a traditional sport. Pre- and post-game interviews are a thing, and some colleges are even offering esports scholarships. While it still may seem exotic to some, it’s safe to say that esports has become mainstream. But, like many other sports, the industry does have its challenges. One issue is the lack of diversity.

Esports host Michelle Morrow sat down with Event Marketer for a behind-the-screens look at what the future holds for the industry. She discusses her feelings related to diversity in gaming and answers questions related to larger esports trends.


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