Has Experiential Marketing Reached Its Peak? (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways:

  • Millennials and the rest of the world have spoken – we now live in the experience economy. But when everyone is investing in brand activation, the risk of oversaturation and, in turn, irrelevance becomes higher.
  • While consumers seem to have more choices than ever before, the data show that they generally only consider 2 to 4 brands before making a purchase.
  • Experiential strategy is ever-evolving, as live events become more mainstream. One new element that brands can adopt is a messaging matrix, which can aid in increasing engagement and conversion.


Why Experiential Marketing May Have Reached its Peak

Why Experiential Marketing May Have Reached its Peak
Led by millennials, who have shown an insatiable desire for all things IRL, we have found ourselves in what we refer to as the experience economy. As brands’ focus seems to shift from an emphasis on the product to designing a great experience, we have to ask: is it just too much?

Some experts believe that, as more companies produce brand activations, they are at risk of creating “moments” for the sake of creating moments. The result? We could be nearing the tipping point and flirting with experiential oversaturation.

While many (including us) believe that we aren’t there quite yet, we have to explore what it means for brands wanting to engage with consumers face-to-face. The potential of “too many experiences” puts the responsibility on marketers to ensure their activations are authentic and go further than an Instagram shot. As Under Armour puts it, “We’re not an Instagram museum—we don’t want folks to come and just take photos and post on Instagram. We want them come and understand how Under Armour makes them better—that’s how we’re differentiating.” Read more to learn how to make experiential activations that are goal-oriented and worth not only the consumers time and money, but your own.


Infographic: Most Consumers Only Consider 2 to 4 Brands When Making a Purchase

Infographic: Most Consumers Only Consider 2 to 4 Brands When Making a Purchase

When it comes to the modern marketplace, the options are endless. Everything can be tailored to the individual, and algorithms offer consumers content that is so perfect for them that it’s almost scary. This causes many of us to fall victim to analysis paralysis – a condition where, due to too many choices, we are frozen in contemplation. Think of all the times you scrolled Netflix without being able to decide on something to watch. Yet, when it comes to making a purchase, most consumers say they actually only consider two to four brands.

This makes brand loyalty a critical component of any brand strategy. But what exactly makes a consumer loyal to your brand? According to Adweek, its simple: price, quality and brand authenticity. According to Chief Data Science Officer of Wavemaker, marketers need to evolve along with this paradigm shift to avoid being filtered out. Read more here.


Hendrick’s Gin Creates Immersive Experiences for The Senses

Hendrick’s Gin Creates Immersive Experiences for The Senses

What’s the last thing you’d expect to see at London’s busiest station, King’s Cross St. Pancras Station? How about an elegant garden party? Popular Gin Distiller brand Hendrick’s decided to surprise and delight tube riders with an immersive experience that let them stop and smell the roses. The fragrance-filled tunnel wrap was aimed at ultimately driving awareness of Hendrick’s infused flavors and encourage gin drinkers to “escape conventional and embrace delectable.”

This activation is part of a larger experiential marketing effort that includes a 65-foot, branded hot air balloon covered in cucumbers and roses (classic staples of British garden party). Festival goers are given the opportunity to win a ride and enjoy Vancouver from the sky. Check it out.


Checking In: See How Three Brands Have Launched Innovative Hotel Experiences

Ever wanted to stay the night in the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile? If you ever encountered the brand’s iconic vehicle as a child, there is only one answer – of course you have. Many Wienermobile fans have been requesting this experience for years, according to Oscar Meyer Marketing Director, Matt Riezman. In celebration of National Hot Dog Day, the hot dog brand gave fans the unique opportunity to book and spend the night in the Wienermobile in downtown Chicago.

Although Jack Daniels and Taco Bell didn’t invite their customers to spend the weekend in a whiskey bottle or tucked away in one of their crunchy tacos, they did offer fans a unique on-brand experience as well. This article in BizBash explores all three quirky and innovative experiential strategies.


Across the Pond: Steal-Worthy Experiential Strategies from Abroad

Across the Pond: Steal-Worthy Experiential Strategies from Abroad
Although those in the US tend to think of experiential in terms of New York, Los Angeles and other large cities stateside, there are viral-worthy experiential brand activations taking place across the world. As the only true global staffing agency, Elevate is in a unique position to service clients across the globe, from Paris to Pittsburg. The truth is that exciting events are happening everywhere, and we love that we get to have a first-row seat.

In the U.K., Twitter bonded with tennis fans at Wimbledon, who were camping out the night before, hoping to gaining standing room access. The social media giant decided to engage with these hopeful spectators by creating the Twitter Wimbledon Queue. The outdoor LED kiosk displayed real time social content from around the world, boosting engagement from the excited fans, the media and the athletes. From Airbnb at the Louvre and Taco Bell on a snowy mountain in Canada, Sparks celebrates a few steal-worthy experiential activations that are happening around the world.


You Need a Messaging Matrix for Your Next Event

You Need a Messaging Matrix for Your Next Event
Experiential requires a significant amount of strategic planning. As live events become more commonplace, brands have also begun to evolve the framework surrounding strategy to add impact and ROI to events.

According to Opus Agency, a messaging matrix is key for any event. For many marketers, this concept may be new. In short, a massaging matrix is a document (reflective of your communications strategy). It is in a grid or “matrix” format that details key event messaging. The messaging matrix includes everything: the who, what, where, and why, as well as important event and attendee takeaways. With a messaging matrix, you have a visual representation of your strategy to help increase engagement and conversion.

Want to learn more? Here are the top five reasons to use this tool in your next event.


Athleisure to Outdoor Wear: How Wellness Inspired Fila’s Latest Launch

Athleisure to Outdoor Wear: How Wellness Inspired Fila’s Latest Launch
While outdoor wear has traditionally been designed with function in mind, brands are now considering fashion when designing these garments. The shift to both form and function can be attributed to a growing athleisure and wellness industry. But, either way, consumers now have the power to feel good and look good. In fact, just last year, outdoor apparel brands collaborated with high fashion brands, like Prada, and popular streetwear brands, like Supreme.

FILA, the iconic sportswear brand, has made a recent comeback thanks to 90s-themed nostalgia weaving its way into popular culture. This summer, Fila is opening nine pop-up shops across the globe. The pop-ups feature their limited-edition Fila Explore collection inspired by the outdoors. Check out how Fila plans to incorporate outdoor adventure into a memorable experience for its fashion-forward consumers.


Why You Should Never Stop Learning

Why You Should Never Stop Learning

You’ve heard it before – and you’ll hear it again. Whether you’re a hungry young entrepreneur or a retiree, you should never stop learning. Many people mistake “learning” as going to school or paying tuition – in other words, getting a formal education. But these days there are a multitude of mediums with which people can continue learning, from retreats and apps to podcasts and blogs.

Keeping continuing education alive and well in your life is not only good for your health, but it’s imperative for generating new ideas. It can even banish the boredom out of your life. You can explore the other reasons to use your noodle here.

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Author: Nick Riggall


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