How to Launch Experiential Campaigns on TikTok (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways

  • Gen Z loves TikTok and Twitch, and brands targeting this youthful demographic can utilize experiential to create memorable campaigns.
  • Skincare brand Proactiv is launching a wall-to-wall bubble wrap pop-up that encourages visitors to (no pun intended) pop away.
  • While corporate culture is a focus for many brands, it is often not as consistent a priority as it should be. But the truth is, a poor culture can be a significant liability.


Will Canada Goose’s Latest ‘Experimental’ Concept Attract the Next Generation of Luxury Shoppers?

Will Canada Goose's Latest 'Experimental' Concept Attract the Next Generation of Luxury Shoppers?

The Toronto-based outdoor apparel brand Canada Goose recently unveiled “The Journey,” a multi-room immersive digital concept taking place in the city’s CF Sherway Gardens mall. To escape the crowds, fluorescent lighting, and pervasive holiday music, shoppers are invited to escape into the beautiful “outdoors” of British Colombia.

Guests can virtually walk across a Glacier crevasse and even take in “fresh” Canadian air, fir trees, and angelica flower. The only thing they can’t do is touch or feel an actual jacket, since the footprint contains no actual products. In the words of the brand’s Chief Marketing Officer, Penny Brook, “This is an experiential — and experimental — moment”.


How to Launch Experiential Campaigns on Twitch and TikTok

How to Launch Experiential Campaigns on Twitch and TikTok

While you might not be on Twitch or TikTok, a combined 115 million people across the globe are. The average Twitch user is under 30, while the TikTok crowd consists primarily of members of Gen Z or younger. But, no matter the demo, these users are spending more and more time on the platforms. If your brand wants in on this young audience, there is good news. All you need is catchy tune and funny dance moves.

The best way to reach these communities is to partner with established platform influencers to make fun content. These influencers are easily identifiable, and they have the followers and know-how to make eye-catching videos that are both memorable and meme-worthy. Check out how Guess and The San Diego Zoo got in on the TikTok fun.


A Free Pop-Up Puts You in a Room of Head-to-Toe Bubble Wrap

A Free Pop-Up Puts You in a Room of Head-to-Toe Bubble Wrap

Did you think that you were the only one who loves to get their hands on bubble wrap and pop until your heart’s content? Think again. To capitalize on everyone’s guilty pleasure, skincare brand Proactiv launched an interactive “Bubble Wrap Room” to make our wildest popping dreams come true. Everything from the furniture to the art on the wall is poppable (and Instagrammable of course).

Other “poppable” elements include unlimited popcorn, pop rocks and soda pop – just no pimples! Check out the dates and how to get tickets here.


6 Signs Your Corporate Culture Is a Liability

6 Signs Your Corporate Culture Is a Liability

According to Harvard Business Review, culture can be a company’s most precious asset – as well at its biggest liability. While most companies experience a normal ebb and flow of creating and maintaining culture, some may experience a full-blown cultural crisis.

To prevent finding yourself in culture clean up mode, focus on strengthening and evolving this critical aspect of your brand. Read more to see if your culture is putting your company at risk.


Toilet Paper and Toothbrushes: Personal Care Brand Activations Get Real

Toilet Paper and Toothbrushes: Personal Care Brand Activations Get Real

When it comes to personal care brands, many products exist to help conceal, not reveal. But, in 2019 it is all about relatability. Brands that are honest, endearing – and even a little crude – are seen as authentic, and they are connecting with consumers.

One great example is Cottonelle toilet paper. The brand threw a carnival-style Toilet Paper Festival at Chicago’s Navy Pier to celebrate what we all do in the privacy of our bathrooms. The event featured fun, family-friendly games, including the (ahem) toilet bowl toss. Get the scoop here.


What Happens When Brand Consistency Backfires?

What Happens When Brand Consistency Backfires?

Recently, WhatsApp users got hit with a quick but noticeable surprise – a Facebook logo. The image’s appearance comes after Facebook’s latest push to co-brand its core products. The goal is to drive consistency and shareholder value, yet, to many, it’s an unnecessary reminder. For others, it’s a turn off.

Users don’t like to be reminded of the corporate affiliation, especially with Facebook, who has frequently been in hot water in recent years. Regardless of whether it’s just a logo, many are of the opinion that if it doesn’t help, it hinders. Read more here.


A Record 189.6M Shopped Over Black Friday Weekend: NRF

A Record 189.6M Shopped Over Black Friday Weekend: NRF

According to Retail Dive, 189.6 million U.S. shoppers turned out to take advantage of the Black Friday deals this Thanksgiving weekend. Whether they shopped online or in physical stores, this record-breaking number is up 14% from last year and is favoring department stores.

With the talk of the death of brick and mortar, what gives? Experts say it may be due to the fact that we have a condensed holiday season and shoppers are feeling the pressure. So, for all you last-minute shoppers, the time is now. Read more to learn what factors are encouraging shoppers to spend their dough.


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