Experiential Staffing: What Fortune 500 Brands Know

Will Facebook stay on Fortune’s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies list in 2019? The social media giant maintained its number six position in 2018, while making the list for the fourth straight year. Fortune shares that this success was even amidst “blows” to the company’s stock and a data scandal. But instead of fallout, Facebook’s subscriber list grew 11 percent. And, its stock hit “an all-time high”, though it wouldn’t remain there long. The company would lose almost all the year’s gains when its stock plummeted 20 percent. But, lo and behold, Facebook was back on top of its game early this year – it’s stock up more than 30 percent in April. 

It’s easy to see that the company is resilient, giving good reason to believe it will continue its Fortune streak. After all, Facebook is in the business of people.

The Business of People

Facebook is a virtual home to more than two billion active users per month. This is more than any other social media site. And, it’s because the company doesn’t sit idly by as consumers look to other platforms to share life’s highs (and lows) or to stay in touch with family and friends. 

Instead, it takes a deep dive into where it falls short in its users’ eyes. It fixes what’s broken and incorporates what’s missing. Plus, its employees don’t believe in staying behind computer screens, just hoping users log on. They know, even though “virtually all” the $55.8 billion earned last year derived from ad sales, consumers want more than ads. In fact, 65 percent of consumers will skip them. So, to engage its users, Facebook gets face-to-face with them via experiential marketing at targeted events. They know the medium fulfills consumers’ needs both for an experience and for stronger bonds. At the same time, they know these efforts require the right people on the front lines to ensure these needs are met. It’s why Facebook and other top companies partner with an experiential staffing agency. Yet, their reason is not only for the business of hiring people. They see many other big benefits.


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5 Benefits that Fortune 500 Companies See In Partnering with an Experiential Staffing Agency 

Learn the benefits four Fortune 500 brands have gained in partnering with a full-service experiential staffing agency. 

1. Facebook gets the specialized staff it needs to meet its goals. 

A Facebook study shows the power of virtual reality to help people easily connect – a great reason why the technology is another aspect of its business. And, the company finds experiential marketing – letting people get hands on with its Oculus VR devices – invaluable to their adoption. Yet, it’s only possible with specialized experiential staffing. 

Facebook must have trained and expert VR specialists on-site to ensure successful use by attendees. These people bring credibility to the product and the brand, which helps consumers trust both. The transparency they provide rates more important than price for 73 percent of consumers, making it necessary to win them over.

Pro Tip: Ensure your experiential staffing agency understands your campaign specifics to provide the right staff for the job.

2. Facebook alleviates logistical challenges of experiential staffing. 

As part of its efforts to educate consumers on virtual reality, Facebook launched a three-month, 34-market “Innovation Tour”. On the surface, the effort required recruitment of 900+ brand ambassadors specialized in VR technology. And, behind the scenes, much work was necessary to coordinate their training and scheduling, while other staffing-specific tasks remained. These included vehicle procurement, flights, lodging, and TSA security logistics. Elevate Staffing’s efforts ensured the right staff got right where they needed to be. And Facebook and other partners were free from burden and unnecessary worry.

Pro Tip: Select an experiential staffing agency that will tackle all staffing aspects, from recruiting to training to travel.


Monster event staff

3. Monster ensures maximum exposure, while being free of “other” big burdens.

When the Monster energy drink brand launched a new product, it knew it needed to take its product sampling efforts to the U.K. and Ireland. But, as a U.S.-based company, Monster needed more than experiential staffing. It needed a partner that could also provide hands-on guidance in boosting its exposure.

Elevate Staffing stepped up to the challenge. We utilized our staffing expertise and site-space knowledge to put together the best team and strategy for Monster’s campaign. The latter included pinpointing specific places and events to find the right consumers and then mapping the team’s two-month journey to ensure best use of resources. These deliverables also took into account product logistics, such as chilled stock management, and live reporting to know the campaign’s status.

Pro Tip: Seek an experiential staffing agency with expertise in other areas to further ease your burden.

4. Google maintains consistency across all locations with one dedicated resource.

In being transparent, it’s important to also show brand consistency to be authentic. In fact, brand consistency is the most important factor for 41 percent of consumers when choosing which brands to be loyal. Yet, there’s more than messaging in which to be consistent. It’s also necessary in all aspects of experiential marketing. For example, Google hosts instructor-led training in 20 countries, which poses many challenges to maintaining consistency. Yet, with one dedicated resource and central management, it can be achieved. This is even when taking into consideration cultural differences and local languages.

Pro Tip: Choose an experiential staffing partner with knowledge of and presence in all your campaign’s geographic locations.

5. State Farm knows the status of its goal at all times and makes necessary adjustments to find success.

Event marketers often report that it’s hard to truly quantify the results of their experiential marketing campaigns. But, it is possible with an experiential staffing partner who understands the importance of measurement and those tools that make it possible. This is the case for State Farm’s grassroots marketing campaign, led by the “Better State Crew”. In building rapport with members of each community, the street team generates leads for area reps and provides feedback to stakeholders. Elevate Staffing’s management team then tracks results and modifies plans as needed to ensure program goals are exceeded.

Pro Tip: Ask your experiential staffing partner about the technology that they offer to measure a campaign’s results.

At Elevate, we live and breathe the business of people, and we are dedicated to ensuring every program has the quantifiable data it needs to demonstrate success. Contact us to learn how we can help you become a top company with your event and experiential marketing efforts.

Author: Nick Riggall


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