Your Status is Defined by Experience and Influence – Not Things (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways:

  • In the past, people looked to material symbols to convey their status in society. Now, in a world dominated by social media and experience-loving consumers, where you’ve been helps define who you are.
  • While influencers remain a considerable element of many brands’ marketing strategy, companies are neglecting the brand advocates literally sitting right in front of them – their employees.
  • Already disruptors in their own right, DTC brands are uniquely approaching consumer acquisition – together.


Experience and Influence: The New Status Symbols

Experience and Influence: The New Status Symbols

According to Business Strategy Insider, “how we earn status has evolved from owning things to living unique experiences.” Our view of our selves is no longer dictated by our possessions, but what we broadcast via social media. Millennials and Gen Z both prefer spending money on experiences rather than physical products. It is for this reason that where you’re seen and what you’ve been a part of is how these groups are demonstrating status.

That is why activations such as “museums, factories and wonderlands” are hyper-focused around Instagram. Read more to learn why experience has a leg up in the modern world.


How Brands Can Build Authenticity and Trust with Employee Advocacy

How Brands Can Build Authenticity and Trust with Employee Advocacy

Stephanie Genin, global vice president of enterprise marketing from Hootsuite, forecasts the biggest trend for social media in 2020 will be the growing impact of employee advocacy. Although many brands have expanded influencer marketing budgets, they forget that the biggest influencers can be their own employees. Unlike the fraud that has infiltrated the influencer economy, such as inflated followers and bots, employee advocacy is one of the most credible sources for learning about companies.

Genin says, “Those who have higher trust in their employer are more likely to be loyal and engaged, making them the perfect advocates for building and strengthening a brand’s reputation on social media.” In the coming years, instead of pushing UGC (user-generated content), brands may be more inclined to pursue employee-centered content.


Turning Back Time: How Brands Tap into Nostalgia to Build Their Future

Turning Back Time: How Brands Tap into Nostalgia to Build Their Future

Who would have thought a squishy cream-filled sponge cake would be strong enough to survive a world war, bankruptcies, and – possibly the most dangerous – a health food craze? In the midst of these challenges, how has Twinkies managed to survive the test of time? Marketing Dive explains how the power of nostalgia not only keeps Twinkies alive, but flourishing.

A study by the Journal of Consumer Research found that nostalgia is commonly used in marketing because motivates consumers to part with their money. Brands find the most success with a mix of “throwback” or “classic” features while simultaneously introducing seasonal and on-trend products. Click here to learn how you can effectively tap into nostalgia (bonus: you will also get the back story on how Ghostbusters Key Slime Twinkies came to be).


To Acquire Customers More Cheaply, DTC Brands are Partnering Up

To Acquire Customers More Cheaply, DTC Brands are Partnering Up

In the new world of Casper, Glossier, and Warby Parker, direct to consumer brands are known for being scrappy. Some DTC companies are so creative that their tactics earn the company immense brand awareness seemingly overnight – the same notoriety that took traditional retailers decades to acquire. The latest trend in low-cost awareness and acquisition? These disruptors are partnering up and lending other DTC brands their customers.

Earlier this month, pet company Bark and cosmetics brand Glossier announced the release of a limited-edition line of Glossier-branded dog toys. Instead of your puppy chewing on your actual mascara again, they can have their own Glossier chew toy. Check out the (intentionally) Insta-worthy toy collection here.


Gillette Is Making Shaving More Inclusive with A Razor Meant for Caregivers

Gillette Is Making Shaving More Inclusive with A Razor Meant for Caregivers

According to R&D expert Peter Reis, there are more than 44 million Americans who are providing care to people in need of daily living assistance. Help with living can include everything from shopping and housework, to dressing and shaving. This statistic inspired Gillette to create the TREO, a razor designed for use by caregivers. It aims to make shaving someone else much easier and safer.

Throughout production, Gillette involved caregivers in every step of the process, from product design to packaging – even marketing. Click here for details, including an instructional video provided by Gillette on how to master the art of shaving someone you are caring for.


Morphe Launches In-Store YouTube Studios to Drive Foot Traffic

Morphe Launches In-Store YouTube Studios to Drive Foot Traffic

Digitally native Morphe has only recently begun their journey in the brick and mortar space. But the cosmetic brand is thriving, and even in a store environment, doing what they do best: sending their customers…back online! The brand has adopted a unique video strategy to boost in-store foot traffic by providing consumers with a creative space to create content they can post online.

Only available in select locations, these in-store video content studios offer consumers access to professional lighting and film equipment. The brand hopes to bank on the powerful YouTube makeup tutorial trend and build long-term relationships with “mid-tier Influencers”.


Why You Never See Your Friends Anymore

Why You Never See Your Friends Anymore

Friends are sending Google spreadsheets to plan a fun girls’ night out. Parents let their kids know dinner is ready via Slack. Even with employment schedules becoming more flexible, whether due to the gig economy or the re-imagining of the 9-5 work week, somehow our time has become even more limited. People are less able to socialize and connect, and its affecting American society as a whole.

This Atlantic article explores the similarities between the Soviet Union “nepreryvka” (the “continuous work week”) and today’s work week. With the amount of shared free time dwindling, a handful of retailers are trying to figure out how to give their employees a life. Taps Lisa Frank for Pop-Up Penthouse Appealing to ’90s Kids Taps Lisa Frank for Pop-Up Penthouse Appealing to '90s Kids

Any 90s girl can recognize the Lisa Frank brand a mile away. has teamed up with the brand’s namesake, along with home rental site Barsala, to create” The Lisa Frank Flat,“ a full-blown Lisa Frank-branded penthouse in downtown Los Angeles.

Those eager to sleep inside a room modeled after the rainbow and unicorn notebook they used in grade school can reserve the space throughout October. Check out the other limited-edition features here. And for those wondering, isn’t the first to create an Instagramable pop-up hotel room (we’re looking at you Taco Bell). And they likely won’t be the last.


Would You Book an Airbnb in a Hospital Room?

Would You Book an Airbnb in a Hospital Room?

Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children holds multiple fundraisers each year, but their latest effort was unlike any others. To create awareness of their need for a new building, SickKids Foundation partnered with creative agency No Fixed Address and AirBnb Experiences to offered donors a chance to stay in a replica of a pediatric intensive care unit room.

Although the approach is unconventional, it’s been effective. Since the launch of the campaign, the foundation has had a 27 percent increase in donation-based revenue. Click here to learn more about the unexpected offer.

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