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Divorce rates are dropping. In the U.K., for instance, divorce is down by almost 40% for couples who’ve been married for five years. While in the U.S., the number of splits dropped 18% from 2008 to 2016. What’s happening to create this positive change? Like most changes, millennials stand at the helm of this shift, too.

Members of this generation are waiting longer than their elders to get married – after they’ve completed their education and found their path in life. This means the majority are not looking for a partner to help them be financially stable or for legal benefits. Instead, 88% of Americans, as an example, are marrying primarily for love. Yet, is love enough to sustain their unions? In cases where opposites attract, more than love is necessary. That’s because, according to psychologist Dr. Joel Block, “lasting love” is best built on similarity. He says, “Beginning with a choice based on compatibility gives us strong edge in that journey.” The same can be said when hiring event staff.

When it comes to the people you choose to represent your brand, it is important they be similar to the brand to personify it with accuracy. This is not only in appearance, but in character, too. It’s this compatibility that allows brands to show authenticity, a quality that consumers crave. In fact, 63% of consumers “choose authentic brands over those that aren’t as transparent.” Still, brands should want more than to be chosen off a shelf. Event marketers and agencies must aim to create emotional connections with consumers to keep them coming back. Hiring event staff who love the brand – those passionate about their own relationship with the brand – are best equipped to build these relationships. That’s why when you find these event staff, whether brand ambassadors, promo staff, or others, you should hold on tight.

Why You Should Hitch Your Brand to the Right Event Staff

Maintaining the same roster of event staff of any kind has numerous benefits. Like all employees, when you keep good people, you save time and money in recruiting and training. And, they grow in their understanding of your brand and hone related skills in the process. This increases their effectiveness to reach your goals, while elevating your investments. The hard part is knowing where to find event staff who love your brand. Funny enough, they are often found in the same ways we find life partners in the modern world.

4 Places to Find Event Staff Who Love Your Brand

Event marketers and agencies seeking to build a team of event staff, promo staff, or brand ambassadors need only look under their noses to find individuals who know and love their brands.

1. Via Online Sites.

Pew Research Center says, “Americans are increasingly looking for love online.” Over 40% of Americans know someone who uses online dating. And, almost one-third knows someone who entered a long-term relationship as a result. In the U.K., this number increases to 80%! If all these people are looking for – and finding – love online, that means event staff who love your brand are likely online as well. And, you probably already have the means in place to find them.

Social media monitoring tools let you watch what people say about the brand and allow you to find passionate followers. They may even return people based on location when you need to find staff for events and experiential marketing in specific areas. Other apps track consumer reviews across major sites. This can pinpoint those who appreciate what your brand brings to the table. Means such as these, that allow you to narrow down a pool of candidates, also give insight into interests and activities, details you might not get from an interview. Yet, after verifying interest, you still must conduct interviews to confirm compatibility, as well as skills.

2. Through a Friend.

Despite the rise in online dating, a Bustle article says, “The old-fashioned way does work.” It bases this on another study which reports 39% of people in a relationship “met their partner through friends.” Event marketers and agencies can have the same success when they look to “friends” – influencers – to narrow down people who love their brands.

That’s because 70% of millennials are making buying decisions based on peer recommendations. Their endorsements offer more credibility when the endorser is trustworthy, has expertise, and offers similarity, per another study. This has an increasing number of consumers putting the word of influencers above others. In fact, the shift has 67% of brands believing influencer marketing provides a more targeted audience.

When event marketers and agencies scour an influencer’s follower base, they have potential to find event staff who love their brands. Again, work must be done to verify the right fit.

3. In-person Events.

Speed dating may not be as popular as it once was. But, it’s gotten more targeted to provide the basis of compatibility that results in lasting love. Today, events give people a chance to make a love connection based on politics, occupation, religion, or other interests. And, brands can have the same opportunity when they “speed date” consumers at influencer events, their own events, or those of like brands. It’s a great solution since attendees know and already like, even love, the brand.

Such in-person encounters can serve as informal interviews for potential brand ambassadors. Event marketers and program managers can gage interpersonal skills and are able to test guests’ knowledge of the brand. Post-event surveys using event tech may provide more details to define the candidate pool.

4. With the Help of an Agency.

When one woman grew “exhausted and discouraged” with online and other methods of finding love, she sought the help of a matchmaking agency. The agency got to know her, what she was looking for, and set out to find her right person, all the while providing “personalized support and advice.” Their collaboration resulted in a serious relationship for the woman, one that was almost two months underway at the time of the report.

The hunt to hire event staff who love your brand can be just as exhausting, no matter which method you choose. Fortunately, event staffing agencies can serve as matchmakers to remove the burden of finding candidates, verifying interest, conducting interviews, and providing training. Further, for longer-term programs, their partnership also makes it easy to maintain the same team for quick activation, taking care of scheduling, payroll, and more. This not only saves time, it adds to your investment, giving you that strong edge to earn consumer love from the start – and for the long run.


At Elevate, we know where to find event staff who love your brand. Their compatibility with your brand leads to event success.

Author: Nick Riggall


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