Event Staff Roles are Critical for Virtual Events (Elevate Connect)

  • Shifting events to digital is not a simple task. To execute a successful digital event, there are a variety of roles that need to be filled, including virtual brand ambassadors.
  • One of the positive effects of the pandemic has been an increased sense of empathy and community. Yet, maintaining an empathetic approach beyond the current climate will be key to brands’ long-term success.
  • When it comes to digital events, the marketing industry can learn from Airbnb, as the disruptor brand has successfully pivoted its experiences into a digital framework.


New Roles are Emerging for Virtual Events

Not only have live events come to a halt – everything has changed since the emergence of Covid-19. More people are connecting online, using tools like Zoom and Houseparty to stay in contact as we collectively stay home. Now, as brands and organizations reinvent their campaigns to work in a digital environment, it’s important to look at how event roles have changed.

There are new roles, like Event Technologist, which is vital in implementing a successful digital strategy. When it comes to executing an event, digital brand ambassadors are key to facilitate a positive and engaging audience experience. Check out other key roles Event Manager blog expects will emerge post-Covid-19 here.


If Empathy is the Key to Cracking what Consumers Want, How Should Marketers Get Ready?

Empathy is important in any environment

Over the past few weeks, it’s been inspiring to see communities coming together to support one another. These acts of kindness reinforce the importance of, and our need for, human connection. And these acts of kindness have come from several brands, companies, and agencies, who have done incredible things for others while adjusting to these unprecedented times.

Keeping the empathy going will be key to companies’ continued success, according to an article in The Drum. The author points out that 65% of consumers express more loyalty to brands they feel a human connection to. Brands can even use data to help craft the right message, so customers feel understood.


What Event Marketers Can Learn from Airbnb Online Experiences

Virtual experiences When it comes to the dramatic economic consequences of the pandemic, the travel and hospitality industry has no doubt seen some of the worst. As one of the largest players in the hospitality world, Airbnb has had to reimagine its day-to-day operations. Recently, the brand has taken some of its offerings online by creating digital experiences like classes and tours.

Through these experiences, the company has learned that the pre-consumer experience matters just as much as the experience itself. They also emphasize that storytelling is key throughout. For all the event marketers and brands that are scrambling to dive into the digital event space, check out all of Airbnb’s learnings here.


Marketing During Time of Change: Finding Certainty through Data

Marketing comes with several challenges key among them getting close to consumers to ensure we hit the right messages. However, during times of global change, these challenges become increasingly difficult. Brands have to work harder to ensure their conversations aren’t tone-deaf and support their customers. 

As this recent AdAge article points out, data can be key to helping marketers navigate challenges in times of change. By using real-time data, marketers can experiment with new strategies, and then respond and tweak quickly. Additionally, data allows them to unite and align teams to ensure everyone is effectively and most efficiently moving towards the same goal.


Are you moving your live events into the digital space? Do you have tips to share? Let us know!

Author: Nick Riggall


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