Event Spotlight: Pinterest Inspiration for All

The world of social media has gone through changes in recent years. While it still remains the most popular social site in the world, Facebook had a number of scandals that threatened its seemingly firm footing. When it comes to “what’s next,” many people look to Instagram, which hit the 1 billion user milestone last year, an increase of 200 million in one year.

Pinterest, on the other hand, may have not crushed numbers like the aforementioned platforms, however it has seen a steady increase over time. In fact, the social platform added 51 million users within the last year. So, to thank their users, Pinterest offered free admission to the first 250 people at museums around the world.

This feat required brand ambassadors from across the globe. So Pinterest partnered with Don Jagoda Associates, Inc. and Elevate Staffing to distribute tickets and communicate Pinterest’s messaging. Because Elevate is the only truly global event staffing agency, our offices were able to find the best brand ambassadors across the United States, Canada, Germany, and Australia.

Pinterest brand ambassador Chicago pinterest brand ambassador austin Pinterest brand ambassador hudson

If you want to find the right people to represent your brand for your next product sampling campaign, contact us! We’d love to help!

Author: Elissa LiongElissa Liong is the Data and Analytics Manager at Elevate Staffing. She's a certain kind of particular, and loves thinking about all things data and insights. When she's not uncovering consumer insights and building out engagement tools that people love, she is probably at the gym or reading online spoilers about TV shows (even for episodes she hasn’t watched yet).


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