Event Spotlight: ONE Bar – Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

When training for fitness, studies have shown that increasing protein intake can help muscle growth and conditioning. All the while, it’s beneficial to cut down on foods that are less nutritionally dense. In the past, this meant keeping to a bland, arguably boring (and sad) diet. And for those looking for convenience, a majority of protein bars on the market provided adequate protein, but did so in exchange for a less-than-appetizing taste and texture.

ONE Bar set out to change that stereotype and set a new standard. The brand created fun flavors like Birthday Cake and Maple Glazed Donut, all while packing 20g of protein with only 1g of sugar. To reach their target audience, they went to one of the most optimal places to find a health- and fitness-conscious demographic: the Rock ‘n’ Roll 5k and marathons. Elevate provided two brand ambassadors during the registration expo to pass out full sized samples, to help runners fuel their run.

Marathons, festivals, and other cultural events can be a great opportunity to engage with highly-targeted audiences. It’s critical that your staff fit right in, and are able to relate with your ideal consumers. Elevate has vetted staff in local markets across the globe – we even require that every person in our database submits a video profile so you can see exactly who you are working with. Contact us to learn more!

Author: Nick Riggall


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