Event Spotlight: NBA Crossover

For the past 72 years, the National Basketball Association (better known as the NBA) has surged in popularity, producing icons such as Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, and LeBron James. But because the league is headquartered in the United States, the rest of the world’s basketball fans have fewer opportunities to be a part of the action. As part of a campaign of inclusion, the NBA launched the Crossover cultural exhibition in Milan, Italy. The three-day event immersed fans on that side of the pond into the world of the NBA. In addition to featuring exhibits that focused on the teams and players, the event also highlighted the music, fashion, art and entertainment that has shaped the culture of the NBA.

Given its global popularity and clear brand identity, the brand ambassadors who represented the league couldn’t be just anyone. When it comes to the enthusiasm of the NBA community, fans can recognize other fans. Legitimacy was critical. Elevate Staffing rose to the challenge, providing specialized staff that supported the NBA at all points of the event.

staff for nba crossover NBA crossover milan NBA Crossover Milan Staff

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Author: Elissa LiongElissa Liong is the Data and Analytics Manager at Elevate Staffing. She's a certain kind of particular, and loves thinking about all things data and insights. When she's not uncovering consumer insights and building out engagement tools that people love, she is probably at the gym or reading online spoilers about TV shows (even for episodes she hasn’t watched yet).


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