Event Spotlight: Lyft Ornament Decorating

The holiday season is a time when people from all walks of life look forward to spending time with their loved ones. This sentiment-charged environment makes the holidays one of the best times for brands to contribute to their experiences. It allows companies to engage with consumers by using activities that surround seasonal festivities, regardless of what holiday is celebrated.

Lyft incorporates brand activation into their marketing mix regularly, and this holiday the ride-share company got traditional. They recently activated in Santa Monica, California, and provided a space for children and adults alike to get creative and make their own holiday ornaments. With the help of an Elevate brand ambassador, consumers could choose between an adorable cork reindeer or bell wreath ornament to take home.

Author: Kelly Springs-Kelley

Kelly Springs-Kelley is the Marketing Director at Elevate Staffing. When she's not creating content or pondering the future of in-person consumer engagement, Kelly can be found hiking the mountains of Arizona with her 2 kids and 3 dogs.


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