Event Spotlight: EE 5G Tour UK

When the first mobile phone was developed in 1983, even those lucky individuals who could afford the device could talk for just 35 minutes they had to recharge it – for 10 hours. Fast forward to the present day. More than 5 billion people in the world have a mobile device, and many carriers are racing to provide them with the latest technology, 5G.

For UK company EE, this meant creating an activation footprint to promote the new technologies. The brand partnered with Elevate for the event, and with the help of an event manager and five local brand ambassadors, EE reached consumers in 6 different locations throughout the UK.


EE 5g Event Staff


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Author: Elissa LiongElissa Liong is the Data and Analytics Manager at Elevate Staffing. She's a certain kind of particular, and loves thinking about all things data and insights. When she's not uncovering consumer insights and building out engagement tools that people love, she is probably at the gym or reading online spoilers about TV shows (even for episodes she hasn’t watched yet).


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