Event Spotlight: Celsius at Tough Mudder

Fostering deep connections with consumers requires that brands do more than rely on digital marketing campaigns. Regularly engaging with consumers on social media, for example, is not enough to build a long-term, meaningful relationship that translates to long-term purchase. Instead of focusing on quick-hit marketing tactics, brands need to focus on getting customers to truly care about their products. And one of the best ways to provoke emotion and communicate the brand’s story and DNS is through face-to-face interactions. This is why experiential marketing is becoming an increasingly important part of  many brands’ marketing budgets.

This year, Celsius sought to create a deeper connection with their active consumers. For their 3rd year at Tough Mudder, Celsius partnered with A Little Bird agency to design a brand activation that would up their game. They wanted to give Tough Mudders a meaningful brand experience and a place to warm up. Elevate’s brand ambassadors hyped up the Tough Mudders and drew them into the footprint and the activities. Attendees participated in bike and timed agility challenges. They also had an opportunity to take a quiz that helped them determine the perfect Celsius flavor for them. Before leaving, Tough Mudders had 2 different Celsius photo opportunities.

Celsius consumers Celsius brand ambassadors celsius brand ambassador stretching station


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Author: Elissa LiongElissa Liong is the Data and Analytics Manager at Elevate Staffing. She's a certain kind of particular, and loves thinking about all things data and insights. When she's not uncovering consumer insights and building out engagement tools that people love, she is probably at the gym or reading online spoilers about TV shows (even for episodes she hasn’t watched yet).


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