Event Industry Leaders Use their Talents to Do Good in the Wake of the Pandemic (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways

  • There are heroes in our midst. In the middle of the crisis, many in the experiential industry are pitching in to create PPP and other key tools to fight the pandemic.
  • Anheuser-Busch Inbev U.S. is not only creating products that help in fighting the coronavirus, but the company is seeking to improve consumers’ mental wellness through entertainment.
  • Event technology is coming under increased focus in the wake of the current crisis. Yet, it is critical to remember that tech is paramount to showing ROI in any social climate.


With Events on Hold, Experiential Agencies Use their Skills to Fight Covid-19

Nearly everyone in experiential marketing is painfully aware that events have come to a screeching halt. The pandemic has affected nearly everyone in the industry, from brands and agencies to production and fabrication shops. While some agencies have pivoted towards digital, many others are preparing for events in what will become the “new normal.”

However, some industry players are seizing this moment by stepping up to aid in the crisis. These companies are shifting their product and fabrication production output and creating personal protective equipment (PPE). These swift and critical moves prove that, in difficult times, rising to overcome our collective challenges brings out the best in people. Check out an Adweek article that features some of these hero agencies that have joined the Covid-19 fight here.


How Anheuser-Busch Inbev U.S CMO is Pivoting During Covid-19 to Help and Entertain Consumers

Agencies are not the only ones adjusting their output to fight the pandemic. Brands like Anheuser-Busch Inbev US are identifying ways in which they can contribute and executing accordingly. As the brand’s CMO, Marcel Marcondes, put it in a recent Forbes article, “if there’s still someone doing marketing and doing self-serving campaigns, these times were officially over and officially gone.”

The article outlines the positive steps that Anheuser-Busch brands have taken, including making hand sanitizers at all distilleries. But these changes are not just producing helpful products. They are also seeking to relieve pandemic-related fears by entertaining consumers and brightening their outlook.


Brands are Rewarding Customers for Staying Home

Brands that cannot produce PPE do not need to be excluded from efforts to improve the current state of our world. In fact, many are stepping up by evangelizing the importance of staying at home. And, as the positive effects of social distancing in the US are starting to demonstrate impact, it is more important now than ever before to continue the strategy to maximize its efficacy.

In a recent blog article, Sparks agency shared how some brands are encouraging people to stay the course. One example featured Nike. In addition to donating $17 million to provide aid, the brand is offering free health and wellness services as part of their “Play Inside, Play for the World” campaign.


Event Technologists on the State of Event Technology and Their Future Roles

Puma Brand AmbassdorsAs we consider the future and what the new normal looks like, one key topic is the role of technology in events. In a recent Event Marketer article, event technologists weighed in on the future of technology and how events will find success by incorporating the right tech.

One key point from the article is the importance of including technologists in the planning of an event. This allows marketers to identify opportunities and overcome any inevitable onsite challenges. The article also reminds us that data is everything. Data and reporting should be at the forefront of every campaign no matter what is occurring in the world.


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Author: Nick Riggall


Delivering Brand Experiences During the Time of Social Distancing (Elevate Connect)


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