Elevate Staffing Exchange – Brandon Takes London

Company culture is a hot topic – and for good reason. Brands, at their core, consist of the people behind them. How those people work, interact, and live within the company in many ways will define its present and future success. Company culture also gives consumers and clients insight into a brand’s DNA and values, which helps determine if they will become a customer at all. In short, when employees are empowered and fulfilled, they are invested in the company’s success. But humans are complex. Fostering an effective company culture takes more than cool break rooms and vanity titles.

Elevate Staffing is intimately familiar with the power of experiences, and being a global company, we saw an opportunity to give our team an experience to remember! With hubs in LA and London, we developed an exchange program wherein our UK-based team members could spend some time in sunny California, and our US team could take in the London scene. We launched the program to not only offer a fun perk, but so our team could learn about other cultures and see how the resulting attitudes and beliefs affect how we approach our jobs and each other.

In November 2018, our US Staffing Manager, Brandon, traveled to London to work from our UK office for a week. While there, Brandon visited the No. 3 Dry London Gin Taste of London to see our UK staff in action! He also had the opportunity to sit down with some of our VIP field staff and talk to them about their experiences working with Elevate. Check out his London adventure below!

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Author: Nick Riggall


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