Need More Great Ideas? Just Ask Your Employees (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways:

  • Many companies overlook a significant part of their employee population when it comes to procuring new, creative ideas. In looking to those whom you might least expect, the next great idea might be born.
  • Consumers are demanding transparency, so beauty brands are giving it to them via full-access, behind-the-scenes videos of their companies’ inner-workings.
  • For cannabis brands seeking differentiation, they should look no further than experiential.


Your Employees Have All the Creativity You Need. Let Them Prove It.

Your Employees Have All the Creativity You Need. Let Them Prove It.
Most businesses rely on a few leaders or department heads for idea generation and decision making. Harvard Business Review suggests looking past the company org chart and opening the brainstorm floor to all employees. No matter what their position, any member your team can be creative. The truth is, those companies that ask for great ideas from employees will likely receive them.

Creative ideas come from all levels, across all departments, and even in the most unexpected corners of the office. Read how one company held an idea-thon that resulted in a cafeteria design restructure and a reduction in the company’s insurance payments by 20%.


Bare Snacks’ SoCal Orchard Sampling Pop-up Highlights Real Ingredients

Bare Snacks' SoCal Orchard Sampling Pop-up Highlights Real Ingredients
They say Los Angeles has everything except a change of seasons. Veggie chip brand Bare Snacks wanted to bring the autumn and all those delightful fall feelings to sunny Venice beach. Known for their baked apple chips, Bare Snacks wanted SoCal consumers to have a full-blown fall-style apple picking experience.

The orchard-themed pop-up included apple inspired art, wellness workshops, and an interactive photo booth, where guests embraced their inner kiddo and jumped into a big pile of leaves. Check out more of the apple-packed experience here.


How Beauty Brands are Using Behind-the-Scenes Video to Drive Customer Loyalty

How Beauty Brands are Using Behind-the-Scenes Video to Drive Customer Loyalty

The term “transparency” related to the beauty industry isn’t new. Especially in the last few years, consumers have been calling for beauty companies to be honest and clear about product ingredients. Now, consumers are taking it a step further, mandating transparency as it relates to the business as a whole. In short, consumers want to have a 360-degree view of the inner workings of the company.

The demands are sweeping. Consumers want to know how much beauty brands are paying influencers and the reasoning behind certain collaborations. In response, brands like Cocokind are going all in and giving fans total access. They are offering a behind-the-scenes view of ingredients, packaging, and even pricing. Read here for more.


Woof for the Camera: How These Brands Pulled Off Inventive Dog Pop-Ups

Woof for the Camera: How These Brands Pulled Off Inventive Dog Pop-Ups

There is one thing brands should remember when it comes engaging brand activations: when in doubt, look to the dogs. Dog-centric events are always a hit. Recently, a Halloween-themed multi-day pop-up collaboration between The Dodo, Buzzfeed, and Petco invited dogs and their owners to have the Best Dog Day Ever. And they did.

The “pup-up” included dog-toy pits, a corn maze, a costume parade, and a graveyard for old chew toys. The pee station photo opp was a pup favorite where only the hottest dog influencers came to howl. Seriously, whether you’re a dog lover or not, you need to check this out here.


Direct-to-Consumer Brands Are Using Search Terms on Pinterest to Find Success

Direct-to-Consumer Brands Are Using Search Terms on Pinterest to Find Success

The cost of customer acquisition is higher than ever before, and often budget-conscious DTC brands rely on creative tactics to get a piece of the pie. Many collaborate with other non-competitive DTC brands and share each other’s customer bases. But others look to less-saturated social platforms to gain a competitive edge.

Pinterest has improved their ad features over the years and brands are now able to use keyword targeting to reach consumers at a prime place in the buyer’s journey. This has ultimately led to lower costs per acquisition across the board when using the platform. Pinterest users are doers, and brands are smart to get in front of this engaged audience. Learn more about how period-proof underwear brand Thinx captured Pinterest lovers looking for period hacks.


Monopoly is Letting Londoners Step Inside the Board Game

Monopoly is Letting Londoners Step Inside the Board Game

No other board game is as iconic as Monopoly. The game has active fans across the world, and across generations, who play regularly. Even the board itself has been transformed and remade to feature Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and dozens of other themes. The game has also been co-opted by retail, CPG, and grocery partners, with McDonalds as the brands biggest collaborator.

Now London-based theatre company Stelladoor Worldwide is creating a theatrical experience surrounding the board game. The activation will include challenges for participants to complete before they are able to move about the board and buy property without landing in jail. Future plans of bringing other iconic games to life include Jenga and Operation. Let the games begin!


Amplify Creates Culture Platform Experiences for Dr. Martens

Monopoly is Letting Londoners Step Inside the Board Game

Get out your leather jacket and dust off those old Dr. Martens, because the brand is making a comeback. In celebration of their 60th anniversary, the footwear company is going back to their roots and seeking to inspire the next generation of rebels.

Agency Amplify has selected a crew of unique and emerging artists, creators, and collectives to collaborate and build a content series for their culture platform. The experiences and activations will represent the rebellious self-expression that built the brand from the boots up. Through the platform, the brand hopes to gain new fans and reignite the old.


Offering Consumers a Face-to-Face Experience Helps them Remember a Marijuana Brand, Experts Advise

Amplify Creates Culture Platform Experiences for Dr. Martens

When it comes to the cannabis industry, face-to-face experiences help people remember a brand and differentiate it from others. Brands are advertising but, for many consumers, this method of outreach isn’t impactful. With added challenges facing the cannabis industry surrounding regulation and competition, experiential marketing is one of the best places for these brands to turn.

Those brands that get creative while the industry is still blossoming will reap the rewards. See how cannabis farm tours and “garden parties” are being used to make cannabis less scary and more of a positive for the canna-curious.

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Author: Jocelyn Cunanan

Jocelyn Cunanan is the social media and content manager at Elevate Staffing. When she’s not keeping her eye on what’s trending online, she’s exploring what’s trending offline in Los Angeles.


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