Here’s Why the Coronavirus is Affecting the Event Industry (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways

  • The Coronavirus is no longer simply a news story about an illness outbreak in a faraway place. The pandemic is causing disruption across the world, and the event industry is not escaping unscathed.
  • Exclusivity can be a powerful tool in letting brand loyalists know that you care, but exclusive doesn’t always have to carry a hefty price tag.
  • Experiential marketing + Valentine’s Day = Love. Check out how some brands are capitalizing on the big day.


How the Coronavirus Outbreak Is Affecting Events Around the World

How the Coronavirus Outbreak Is Affecting Events Around the World

By now, there is no doubt that most people around the world have heard of the devastating Coronavirus, which has infected 25,000 people globally. Several huge events have been canceled in China, including their iconic Lunar New Year celebration, while airlines are suspending flights in and out of the country. The consequences of the virus are predicted to have a significant economic impact, specifically in tourism. However, the domino effect is extending well beyond tourism and impacting several events in other parts of the world.

In this article, Biz Bash advises event organizers to review their insurance policies related to coverage for communicable diseases, in the hope that they can avoid the loss in revenue that others have. At the time of the article’s publication, the virus hadn’t directly affected the US or Europe, however since then, Mobile World Congress has decided to call it quits for 2020 due to Coronavirus concerns.


Why Can’t I Commit to a Hobby?

Why Can’t I Commit to a Hobby?

People start new hobbies for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s to expand their skills, meet new people, or just to learn a fun new party trick. Hobbies are good for us mentally and physically, as they are fundamental in helping us build our own personal identity. Hobbies are also shown to make people happier in general and, consequently, those happier people become better employees.

However, as well intentioned as people are, new hobbies rarely stick. David Conroy, a professor of kinesiology and human development at Penn State, says predicting whether a hobby will become a regular pastime comes down to how easy and how enjoyable it is. Read more to see a hobby needs to have in order to keep people interested.


Inside BudX Hotel, Karaoke and Hopefully 1 Billion Impressions

Inside BudX Hotel, Karaoke and Hopefully 1 Billion Impressions

This year’s Super Bowl advertising landscape was different than year’s past. In 2020, more brands chose to go the brand activation route rather than purchase primetime TV commercials during the big game in Miami. Budweiser, a brand known for its Super Bowl commercials, debuted the Bud X Hotel on South Beach. The company invited more than 200 lifestyle influencers and encouraged them to blast branded content to their followers throughout the weekend.

Hotel takeovers have been trending in the experiential world, and BudX hopes to also see the one billion impressions Taco Bell’s hotel achieved in Palm Springs last year. The BudX hotel was decked out in branded furniture, photo booths, a barbershop, and even a recording studio. See how influencers got a front row seat to see Halsey and Diplo, all for the low, low price of one million Instagram followers.


M∙A∙C Cosmetics: Ahead of Its Time

M∙A∙C Cosmetics: Ahead of Its Time

Although MAC Cosmetics just recently celebrated its 35th anniversary, the brand remains more relevant than ever. MAC is considered a marketing pioneer with its forward-thinking strategies and practices that have become mainstays in the billion-dollar cosmetic world. According to, MAC sells one of its famous lipsticks every second.

Besides embracing a “makeup created for artists by artists” methodology, MAC is at the forefront of celebrity collaborations and special collections. In addition, their commitment to inclusivity is clear in looking at the extensive foundation line that spans 400 shades. MAC was one of the first to create a community around their products and, notably, is the leader in terms of influence on YouTube and Instagram. Read more to see how listening to consumers has always kept the brand on the forefront of innovation.


Study: Consumers are Willing to Travel 500 Miles for Fan-centric Experiences

Study: Consumers are Willing to Travel 500 Miles for Fan-centric Experiences

Like the famous Proclaimers song, consumers will walk 500 miles (and some 500 more) just to revel in the joy that is a music festival. Okay, maybe they won’t walk, but Thinkwell’s Trend Report on Fan Festival & Events reports that, when it comes to events like Coachella, Bonnaroo and other top tier festivals, consumers will spend a great amount of money and time to get there.

Since fans are paying good money to enjoy these experiences, they expect reciprocation from the festivals themselves. Everything from the artist lineup, food and beverage options, parking and even brand activations face high expectations. In this Event Marketer article, we learn all the newest festival insights and how festivals can meet fans halfway.


Valentine’s Day Experiential Campaigns: Four Examples We Love

Valentine’s Day Experiential Campaigns: Four Examples We Love

Although Valentine’s Day is typically thought to be reserved for romantic love, brands are getting in the action and using this holiday to share their love and appreciation for their fans. And, what better way to show someone you care than through experiential.

Fast food brand KFC teamed up with greeting card company Moonpig to release a line of Valentine’s Day Cards that – no joke – smell like fried chicken. These unique love displays were created for those who wish to show those who they love that they are the gravy to their chicken. As a bonus, those who purchased the finger lickin’ good cards were also able to do some good in the world, as 10% of the proceeds go to KFC Foundation. This experiential campaign hit all its love targets.


‘Museums Can Learn from the Entertainment Industry’: Why the Van Gogh Museum Is Launching an Experiential Pop-Up in London

‘Museums Can Learn from the Entertainment Industry’: Why the Van Gogh Museum Is Launching an Experiential Pop-Up in London

For decades, the Van Gogh Museum has been a popular Amsterdam tourist attraction. However, now the iconic venue is spreading its wings and going experiential. Its “Meet Vincent Van Gogh” pop-up will open in London this year, where fans of the famous artist will be able to insert themselves into one of his iconic paintings and get to know the fascinating artist on a deeper level.

The pop-up will include an audio tour, three dimensional reproductions, projections, and a ton of interactive activities. The museum’s move to experiential is one that many cash-strapped traditional museums are hoping will bring in larger audiences without risking its dedicated audience. Read more to learn how some museums balance education and entertainment.


MLB Creates Year-Round UK Presence with Competitive Socializing Venue

MLB Creates Year-Round UK Presence with Competitive Socializing Venue

Although baseball is America’s favorite pastime, the MLB hopes to extend that same feeling to people around the world, the UK in particular. With their year-round, activity-led Home Run House in London, baseball fans and baseball curious audiences can get it on the fun with futuristic batting cages, American-style food, and Budweiser.

Although London has played ballpark host to the MLB before, they were still lacking a permanent fixture to keep baseball fans excited and engaged on a consistent basis. To further connect with their growing fan base in Europe, the MLB has a presence through this and multiple European activations that tap into the “competitive socializing” trend.

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