Why the Call for Community is Answered with Experiential Marketing (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways:

  • True success in experiential lies in the community and its willingness to interact with a brand and amplify its message. By creating strong communities, brands aid in developing a healthy “ecosystem” in which their message can thrive.
  • In the world of restrictive and highly-regulated cannabis marketing, experiential serves as a tool to both educate consumers and shift cultural norms.
  • eSports continues to grow and present lucrative marketing potential for brands. Yet, the window of opportunity for brands new to this space may be closing, as the imperative to appear relevant in this space is crucial for success.


Why Community is the Cornerstone of Experiential Marketing


Recently, NVE agency acquired The Future Party, a community-based media platform that “curates live experiences, cultural programming, and world-class content tailored for Millennial and Generation Z audiences.” The platform includes, “a diverse community of tastemakers and trendsetters across numerous cultural catalysts such as: music, social impact, art, film, fashion, and tech entrepreneurship.” As an experiential agency, NVE is leveraging The Future Party to elevate brand experiences, giving its clients and partners campaigns in which the call for community is answered with experiential marketing.

It is this commitment to community that NVE sees as critical in achieving experiential objectives. The approach aims to build brand experiences with the intention that “a community provides a vehicle to transport the brand message.” Brett Hyman, NVE founder, goes on to assert that, “if the brand can provide a backdrop of meaning and purpose, they enter an ecosystem of even greater potential.” Read more here.


Luxury Vape Brand Kurvana Leads the Way in Experiential Cannabis Marketing

Luxury Vape Brand Kurvana Leads the Way in Experiential Cannabis Marketing
The cannabis biz is booming. But when it comes to marketing cannabis, many stakeholders are concerned about a bust. When navigating the legal restrictions that continue to encumber the industry – an ad ban on major platforms like Google AdWords or Instagram for one – marketers need to be creative to get pot brands in front of consumers.

Providing the public with a positive education surrounding cannabis via an experiential lens is one of the best ways for these brands to navigate their regulatory shackles. Designing a brand activation that focuses on the benefits of cannabis and the identity of the brand itself has proven to be a highly effective strategy. See how Kurvana is evolving our cultural attitudes toward cannabis by educating the public and positioning themselves as a luxury brand aimed at the Hollywood elite.


4 Reasons Happy Customers Become Brand Ambassadors

#NationalPicnicDay and #TacoTuesday on the same day? Truly a day for Beanitos to shine. Enjoy 5g protein and 4g fiber in every serving. Happy Snacking!
Word of mouth is still king, undisputedly one of the most powerful forms of marketing. In fact, 92% of consumers consider suggestions from their friends and family over other advertising. But that begs the question – exactly who’s mouth initiates this ripple effect? Those that speak out are generally a brand’s most enthusiastic, loyal fans, aka, its brand ambassadors. While at Elevate we hire brand ambassadors to represent clients during activations, the brand ambassadors we reference here are the unofficial ones that don’t get paid. They are your company’s biggest cheerleaders who share your story and drive business growth – because they want to.

There are four critical factors necessary in turning customers into fans and fans into brand ambassadors. Number one? Your company has to have a superior product. Whether it is innovative or elemental, brands need to have clearly-defined differentiators. Read on to find out how your brand can dramatically elevate its relationship with its customers.


How Brands Can Score with eSports Marketing

How Brands Can Score with eSports Marketing

With the eSports audience growing at a rate of 14% per year, it’s not a question of advertisers getting in on the game. Brands aligning themselves with this lucrative and engaged audience has become normative. The real question is for those brands that have not jumped in yet. At this point, is it possible to get ahead of the game? “The window for non-endemic brands to enter the space and get a strategic advantage is closing,” says David Pucik, VP of Magid.

This educated audience demands that brands be authentic and consistent and is thus a requirement when designing effective marketing strategies. The esports world is highly scalable. And, surprising to some is eSports parallels to traditional sports, wherein companies can sponsor events, align with the industry’s superstars, and provide memorable brand experiences aimed at building relationships with fans.


For Its Most Sustainable Store, Ikea is Advertising Directions via Steps and Mass Transit

For Its Most Sustainable Store, Ikea is Advertising Directions via Steps and Mass Transit

Opting for a creative and hyper-local marketing campaign approach, Ikea recently placed outdoor ads across southeast London directing consumers to the new Ikea Greenwich. The campaign sought to highlight the store’s most significant differentiator – it is the brand’s most sustainable location. The store even features ample green features including solar panels, rainwater collection systems, and a roof garden. The brand “drove home” their sustainability message by encouraging shoppers to travel to the store on foot or by way of public transit. Posters throughout the city let pedestrians know exactly how many footsteps remained between their current location and the store.

Not only is the approach unique, but it demonstrates and highlights one of Ikea’s core values, eco-friendliness, which also serves as a part of the company’s larger sustainability strategy. Ikea is positioning themselves as a leader in socially-responsible business practices, where the company not simply talks the talk but (quite literally) walks the walk. Check out the campaign details here.


The Key to Extending the ROI of Brand Experiences

The Key to Extending the ROI of Brand Experiences

While an in-person brand experience serves as one of the most authentic and meaningful ways to connect with consumers, digital marketing allows a message to be amplified exponentially. 91% of consumers say they have more positive feelings about brands after attending events and experiences. Yet, when integrated with digital, events can reach millions and even go viral. So, which one is more valuable? The answer, if designed correctly, is both.

Marketers need to extend the physical experience via online tactics to extend their ROI. So, if every physical experience needs to have a digital counterpart, what else do you need to do extend your reach? In what way is the need for community answered with experiential marketing and digital combined? Read more here.


Donald Glover’s Airdrop Stunt at Coachella Proves Experiential Marketing Gets Bolder with Influence

Donald Glover’s Airdrop Stunt at Coachella Proves Experiential Marketing Gets Bolder with Influence

Donald Glover, whose rap alias is Childish Gambino, is the entertainment world’s “it” guy of the moment. Whether the former 30 Rock writer is acting, producing an album, or doing stand-up comedy, Glover is the pinnacle of confidence, always cooler than cool. So much so that he thought nothing of ghosting this year’s Grammys, even after winning four of the five awards he was nominated for.

This year, Glover headlined Coachella and continued in his trailblazing ways, this time in experiential. Glover treated random festival goers to a unique surprise by inviting them to experience his new shoe collaboration with Adidas via Apple’s AirDrop. The lucky fans who tapped to “Accept” the star’s sneaker photo were able to pick up the unreleased shoe from an onsite location, but with a few conditions. They had to wear the shoes all weekend and attend Glover’s show (such a difficult task…). We sum up the activation in two words: experiential genius. Fans were captivated by the exclusive nature of the opportunity, with the select few enthusiastically sharing the activation alongside their new kicks. This tactic, while still carrying with it some risk, was not only creative but simple, proving, to the article’s point, that influence can make a campaign.

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Author: Nick Riggall


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