Why You Need to Hire a Chief Experience Officer (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways:

  • Most people will agree that, for any brand, the user experience is of the utmost importance. But, according to data, so is the employee experience, so much so that many companies would benefit from hiring a Chief Experience Officer, who ensures both are optimal.
  • Modern brands are tasked with more than creating a great product or service. According to an article in Inc, brands should aim to elicit joy from their customers.
  • Automotive brands are embracing the future and transforming showrooms into “experience centers” that consumers can’t get enough of.


Why Every Company Needs a Chief Experience Officer

Why Every Company Needs a Chief Experience Officer
Many business leaders stand by the idea that the best companies combine a great customer experience with a great employee experience. To be successful, the careful integration of these elements needs to be championed by someone in leadership. This is why every company should add a Chief Experience Officer to their team.

Although many people will argue that the CX is more important than the EX, companies that excel in promoting a stand-out EX have been shown to be more successful. When teams focus solely on customer satisfaction, employee turnover increases and creative productivity suffers. On the other hand, having happy employees with subpar CX skills and an underdeveloped external strategy is also detrimental. Read more about the vital link between customer and employee satisfaction, and what a CXO role is ultimately responsible for.


Does Your Product Elicit Bliss in Buyers?

It has become a well-known fact that millennials and Gen Z are less interested in products and gravitate toward experiences. In most cases, they would rather do something than own something. Perhaps driving this trend is the fact that many of them don’t have the space to store material items. Minimalism is becoming increasingly mainstream, led by Netflix’s Marie Kondo, who encourages everyone to do away with anything that doesn’t “spark joy.”

This article in Inc argues that the same goes for brands. Companies need to show consumers why their product has high value in their lives (aka sparks joy) and is worth keeping out of the donation pile. The author asserts that using experiential marketing to create a positive, valuable and blissful association between your brand and the consumer is the wise path. Through experiential, brands create a deep sense of joy that leads to loyalty.


How to Use Social Media, According to a Mental Health Expert

As much fun as social media is, it has also been shown to make people feel bad about themselves. In fact, Instagram is ranked as the worst platform when it comes to mental health due to its visual, FOMO-inducing nature. Even just a few minutes of scrolling can make a person feel depressed, anxious, and envious.

In this Fast Company article, psychologists offer six suggestions related to how social media users can reduce mental harm. For starters, we should limit the amount of time we use these platforms, and while using social media, users should pay close attention to how they feel.


Three Automaker Experience Centers Worth Cruising Through

Three Automaker Experience Centers Worth Cruising Through
Auto brands need to offer consumers more than a good deal to get them in the driver’s seat. In fact, 75% of drivers prefer to skip the dealership all together in favor of the online car-buying process. Due to this new reality, automakers are seeking to engage with consumers by creating in-store environments that tap into lifestyle preferences, culture, and passions. More than just a showroom, these automaker experience centers, like Mercedes-Benz World, immerse visitors with interactive touchscreens, race simulations, branded films, cafes, restaurants, stunt driving spectacles, and even something for the kids.

From Mini Cooper’s playful Mini Brand Experience Centre in Shanghai to Porshe’s 53-acre experience center in California, visitors have no problem spending their entire day getting to know the brands. Auto consumers may no longer be swayed by classic car dealerships’ cold waiting rooms with bland coffee and sugary donuts, but they can be captivated by a full-blown experience.


How to Turn Yourself into a Morning Person

How to Turn Yourself into a Morning Person

Some studies have shown that most successful people wake up before the sun rises. But that schedule doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. Some people are most productive at the crack of dawn, while others get their best work done when burning the midnight oil. Yet, if you want to see if being an early bird can improve your lifestyle, there are a few tips to help you get that worm.

The first step: don’t go to bed earlier than you usually do. When you’re trying hard to go sleep, you end up tossing and turning. Instead, go to bed at your usual time. Although you’ll be tired when you wake up earlier in the morning, your natural fatigue will help you get to bed earlier the next night, and your body will slowly adapt. Read the rest of these tips here.


The Pop-Up Inn Refreshing the Way to Find a Job is Coming to Deansgate

The Pop-Up Inn Refreshing the Way to Find a Job is Coming to Deansgate

For many people, job hunting is a dreaded process; an uncomfortable time that can be filled with rejection and, when fruitless, seen as a waste of time. In fact, 60% of job-seekers stop filling out job applications because the process is too long. LinkedIn wants to make this experience less grueling. The Linked Inn, a pop-up pub created by the social platform, is refreshing the traditional idea of job hunting. After an initial successful run in London, the pop-up will be opening in Deansgate this month.

The Linked Inn features some of the U.K.’s top companies that are seeking talent. Prospects can come in for a beer and chat…err…network. The pop-up will also offer advice to pub-goers about improving their online LinkedIn profile and offer a photographer to ensure everyone’s headshots are polished and professional. LinkedIn Experts say, “we want to show that by engaging with your professional network in the same way you would your social network, whether that’s in a pub or online, you can get closer to the job you want.” Check out the event here.


See How a Hotel Brand’s Pop-Up Suite Became a 24-Hour Art Installation

See How a Hotel Brand's Pop-Up Suite Became a 24-Hour Art Installation
In celebration of 21c Museum Hotels joining the MGallery Hotel Collection, the two brands created an all-white, glass-enclosed pop-up hotel in Manhattan, and gave muralist Aaron De La Cruz creative freedom to transform the space. The goal was to drive brand awareness to the boutique hotel/contemporary art museum hybrid in a creative way that was intrinsic to the brands’ identities.

The pop-up, called The Masterpiece Suite, was a show-stopping display in the high-traffic area near Penn Station. For extra exposure, the pop up also coincided with the N.Y.U. International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference. Check out the vibrant stunt here.


Smirnoff Mixes Influencers, Experiential and Content Marketing for Extensive Pride Campaign

Smirnoff Mixes Influencers, Experiential and Content Marketing for Extensive Pride Campaign

Smirnoff decided to go all out for this year’s Pride Month in New York City. As host of World Pride, New York will put on the largest PrIde celebration across the globe, and Smirnoff has risen to the occasion with a team of LGBTQ influencers and multiple marketing campaigns.

Not only did Smirnoff create a digital “Welcome Home” video series for social media, they also constructed a massive parade float with 300 marchers and limited-edition bottle branding. The brand’s House of Pride pop-up experience promised to have plenty of “Instagram worthy” photo ops and featured dedicated rooms that served to celebrate the LGBT community’s colorful history and bright future.

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