Challenger Brands


Elevate has been working with Yondr (a US company that provides lockable phone pouches to create phone-free spaces) and supplying staff to implement their pouches at gigs and concerts across California and the UK. In London and Nottingham, staff worked at 3 of Chris Rock’s UK tour dates to ensure that no phones were used within the venue and consequently no footage of his show leaked.

Event Managers and Brand Ambassadors were responsible for locking phones into secure Yondr pouches as they entered the venue, manning designated phone areas around the venue and unlocking phones at exits after the show.

Recruitment Process

Elevate carefully selected Event Managers based on their experience working at high footfall events and managing large teams.

Given the fast-paced and high-pressured environment, we selected only staff who were confident and able to command large crowds, as well as attention to detail and high rigour to ensure that no phones passed through undetected.

Project Management

Recruitment, staff training, on-site management and reporting.


  • 5 live events (San Francisco, Santa Barbara, London and Nottingham)
  • 175 staff members in total
  • Over 60,000 phones successfully locked away
  • No footage leaked from Chris Rock UK Tour
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