Technical Demonstration


Armed with Elevate’s VR trained gamers, Virtuix gave CES and GDC consumers a fully immersive brand activation that showcased a first of its kind active virtual reality platform – the Omni POD.

While tethered to a perpetual treadmill, our all-star team waged a virtual reality war between each other as consumers watched the battles unfold.

Recruitment Process

Our extensive experience with Oculus VR technology made Elevate the perfect staffing partner for Virtuix.  With the depth of physical commitment needed for this fully immersive activation, we looked to our marathon runners and tech savvy staff to provide a well-rounded team.

A selective recruitment process ensured staff was perfectly matched to the brand.  Client made final selections based upon optimized talent profiles.

Project Management

Recruiting, training, digital reporting.


  • 1,320 engagement minutes
  • Demo footage became primary press coverage for CES, GDC and Virtuix brands
  • Click here to see the activation in action!
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