National Mobile Sampling Tour


The #SOBENotSorry National Sampling Tour made stops in 13 markets throughout the summer. The tour sampled two new flavors along with the full lineup of SOBE products.  Consumers played interactive games such as a Roulette Wheel and giant SOBE Pong with branded giveaways.

In honor of SOBE’s 21st birthday, the tour ended in Las Vegas. Consumers were encouraged to enter into a sweepstakes to win a free trip to join in on the festivities.

Recruitment Process

Elevate recruited talent who were well versed in sampling and promotion as well as savvy with social media and gaming for this role.

Selection of talent was based upon video profiles and past experience in the beverage market.  All candidates needed to be well-versed in working in highly interactive environments and this talent was locally sourced within each market.

Project Management

Recruitment, training, tour management, vehicle management.


  • 4,980 engagements
  • Increased awareness of new product in 13 markets
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