Retail Food Sampling


Dole took a ‘bold’ stance over the summer by enticing grocery store visitors to try their three new Fruit n’ Spice flavors:  Honey Lime Pineapple, Cinnamon Apple and Chili Lime Mango.

Elevate’s brand ambassadors offered samples of each flavor to a targeted demographic of female consumers ranging from 21 to 44 years of age and real-time reporting provided consumer feedback with sales trends.

Recruitment Process

Elevate recruited brand ambassadors who were well-versed in sampling as well as promotion while digging deeper into their personalities and retail sales experience.

Talent was locally sourced and phone interviews were conducted with the client to ensure proactive interaction with consumers and a commitment to accurate reporting.

Project Management

Recruitment, training, certification management, awareness drops for lead generation, stock management, digital reporting


  • 1,519 samples distributed
  • Over 3,000 engagement minutes
  • 12% in-store sales increase
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